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A-ROSA Cruises

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A-ROSA Cruises
Luxury boutique-style river cruises along the Rhine, Danube, Main and more

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A-ROSA Cruises

A-Rosa Cruises operate fourteen vessels, three of which have been completely dedicated to the English-speaking market and offer the most inclusive river cruise fares in Europe from meals and drinks to transfers and shore excursions. The three dedicated A-Rosa ships focus on the destinations throughout the Rhine, Rhone and Danube Rivers while the remaining ships travel to a larger variety of destinations exploring the Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Seine and Douro Rivers.

Restaurants on board are located both indoor and outdoor. They remain true to their German heritage by placing a stronger emphasis on buffet stations than standard cruise lines. A large selection of fresh and healthy dishes is available on board. Onboard amenities include spas, salons and fitness facilities such as swimming pools and saunas. A-Rosa Cruises are best suited to both active travellers and families.

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Travel Tips for A-Rosa Cruises

A-Rosa Cruises was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Rostock, Germany. This prestigious cruise line specialises in river cruises on Europe’s most loved and picturesque rivers:

  • Rhine
  • Rhone
  • Danube

Most Popular Destinations

A-Rosa Cruises offer passengers a truly unique travel experience. You will sail along the biggest, most beautiful rivers in Europe in exquisite comfort. Discover unspoiled nature in between exploring culturally rich cities in Europe.

Historically speaking, cities have flourished along rivers due to the tactical advantages they offered, so for this reason many of Europe’s most ancient cities are located here.

Drift along the meandering Rhine northbound and admire the ethereal vistas from the Jacuzzi:

  • The Netherlands
  • Brussels

Head southwards towards Strasbourg in France and be captivated by the stunning landscape and delicious cuisine.

The name ‘Rhine’ is derived from the German word ‘rinnen’ meaning ‘to flow’ which suggests a lazy winding route with stunning sights along the way:

  • Fortresses
  • Castles

Surround yourself with the ‘joie de vivre’ as you float through the regions of Provence and Camargue towards the paradisical Mediterranean coast.

A-Rosa Cruises also offers passengers the chance to see the charming cities along the Danube – Europe’s longest river:

  • Wachau Valley
  • The Hungarian Puszta
  • Vienna
  • Budapest
  • Belgrade
  • Bucharest

There is truly no better way to see Europe’s most beloved cities.

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A-ROSA cruises are ideal for active travellers and families. Guests are able to choose from an array of included and optional tours which feature kayaking, quad exploring and more exhilarating experiences as well as tours focused on history, arts, food and wine.

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