Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin


Booking a cruise for the first time can be a daunting process, with no-end of questions cropping up before you reach the ‘Book Now’ button. Of all the potential headaches that could assail your cruise reservation, deciding which cabin option is right for you is the one you’ll muddle over the longest. After all, your entire holiday depends on it.

For first-time cruisers in need of a helpful nudge towards the right accommodation type, here are a few hints and tips which should help you decide.

Understanding Cabin Types and Categories

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Just like hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins (or staterooms as they’re commonly called) vary in terms of size, position and luxuriousness. To help passengers choose the cabin which best suits their budget and requirements, cruise lines split staterooms into different categories — and you’ll need to understand what these are before making your booking.

The four most predominant cabin categories are as follows:

  • Inside: Inside cabins are the smallest and most affordable room options available aboard cruise ships, given that they have no windows and limited space.
  • Outside: Also known as oceanview rooms, outside cabins are a similar size to inside cabins but feature a small, porthole style window with views outside.
  • Balcony: As the name suggests, balcony staterooms benefit from an external balcony or veranda where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze.
  • Suite: A suite is a larger stateroom which benefits from separate living and sleeping areas, as well as additional perks and luxuries. Naturally, suites are the most expensive cabin option money can buy.

Location Matters

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If you thought choosing a cruise cabin was as simple as selecting from one of the four options above, think again. Whether you pick a posh suite or an internal cubbyhole, the location of your cabin could make a huge difference to how comfortable and accessible you find the accommodation.

As a rule, the price of a specific stateroom is a good indicator of the quality of its position within the ship. For instance, inside cabins located a considerable distance from amenities will be much cheaper than those placed near a restaurant, pool or other facility. It’s also important to remember that, depending on the position, cabins vary in size — even if they’re in the same category.

Cabin Pricing Must-Knows

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Before you go ahead and reserve a stateroom, there are a few things you should know regarding cruise pricing. The first thing to understand is that cruise prices fluctuate regularly, particularly depending on the time of year you book. Generally speaking it’s best to book early or wait for a late deal.

The second thing to be aware of is the availability of ‘guarantee’ cabins. Basically, if you don’t have any restrictions or preference on where your cabin is located within the ship, you can book a place aboard the ship and let the cruise line assign you a cabin. Guarantee cabins are usually offered at a lower rate so it’s a great way to shave money off your total cruise cost.

We hope this guide has proved useful in helping you find the perfect cabin for your cruise holiday. Should you require any further help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of trained cruise specialists can answer any and all queries you might have about booking a cabin for a cruise, so give us a call on 1300 857 345.


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