7 Things You Simply Shouldn’t Worry About on a Cruise


If you’ve never been on a cruise before, your idea of what a holiday on the high seas will be like has probably been coloured by Titanic and that one bad experience you had on a ferry. You might be worried that you’ll run into bad weather, won’t enjoy eating cruise food day after day, or that it’ll be fun for a couple of days and then you’ll be bored for the rest of your holiday.

It’s natural to be concerned before embarking on a new experience for the first time, but when it comes to cruise holidays, there are a few things that any experienced cruiser knows you simply don’t need to be worried about. To reassure you, we’ve put together a list of just some of the things that you simply shouldn’t worry about on a cruise.

Getting Seasick

One of the primary concerns new cruisers have is that they’re going to get seasick and spend the entire holiday trying to stay as close to the bathroom as possible. If you’ve been out on a smaller boat, you might have even been put off cruising by your seasickness. Going on a cruise, however, is nothing like taking to the ocean on a small fishing boat. Cruise ships are enormous vessels that have been specifically designed with your comfort in mind. From GPS and cutting-edge stabilising technology to highly skilled captains, cruise ships have everything they need to make your trip as smooth as possible. While there is a small risk that you will get sick on a cruise ship, it’s very unlikely, so best to pack some seasickness tablets and then not worry about it again.

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Hurricane season means epic bargains on dreamy cruise destinations, but it can also bring some trepidation for the inexperienced cruiser. Hurricanes can be ferocious and dangerous, but a cruise holiday during the season will more closely resemble a paradise destination brochure than Sharknado. Cruise Captains are trained to use incredibly precise instruments to identify weather patterns and steer the ship on a smoother course. Most likely, your worst experience of hurricane season will be a few days of rain while it passes far away from the ship.

Being Bored

Most cruise itineraries will have a few sea days between port days, so you might be worried that you’ll start getting cabin fever during the long days spent surrounded by water. This is something you absolutely don’t need to worry about, however. If there’s one thing you can be sure of on a cruise, it’s that some of your best memories will happen on the ship. Cruise ships are packed full of fun experiences and whether you’re learning a new dance style, watching a Broadway show, or floating about in a skydive simulator, there’s one thing you can be sure of: you won’t be bored.

Dietary Requirements

Cruise food has a reputation for being very rich and meat heavy, but on-board dining options are actually very varied. It’s true that cruises are a great place to enjoy some truly indulgent dining, with menus crafted by some of the world’s top chefs. Most cruise ships also tend to have a large variety of dining options, from light buffets to speciality cuisine that lets you get a taste of the region you’re visiting. People often don’t realise that cruise dining is also very flexible, as it is made fresh to order by on board chefs. This means that vegetarians, vegans, or people with food intolerances can put in special requests to alter dishes to suit them. Check with your cruise line to see how they can cater for your needs.

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Travelling Alone

Cruises may seem as though they’re made for two, but a cruise holiday is actually a wonderful option for the solo traveller. With so many people having fun in one place, there are plenty of opportunities for even the shyest lone cruiser to make some great new friends. If you’re cruising alone and you’re worried about not being able to meet people, request to be seated at a large table in the dining room. You’ll soon be chatting to your fellow holidaymakers and being sat together throughout the cruise will give you plenty of time to get to know each other.

Getting involved in classes and activities is also a great way of breaking the ice and meeting people with similar interests. While you may have to pay a little extra as a solo cruiser on some cruise ships, several lines now have single cabins designed specifically for people to discover just how fun a cruise holiday alone can be.

Dress Code

Whether the thought of getting dolled up to the nines fills you with a flutter of excitement or leaves you cold, there’s no need to worry about formal night dress codes. Overall, travellers do not get as dressed up on formal nights as they did a decade or two ago, but you’ll definitely see some stand out looks. Formal nights provide the perfect time for you to express yourself as you feel comfortable. Prefer to be a chic wallflower? Go for a cocktail dress or smart suit in a dark or muted colour. Want to turn heads as you walk down the main staircase? There’s no such thing as overdressed on a cruise ship.

Feeling Crowded

If you’re more used to quiet holidays where you don’t spend time much time with anyone outside of your travel party, a cruise ship with thousands of guests might seem a bit daunting. In fact, the bigger the cruise ship, the more likely you are to be able to find a private space away from the crowds. From adult-only decks to quiet libraries, cruise ships are set up to let you find a bit of peace and quiet to relax in from time to time. Whether you want to be in the middle of the action, or hide in a corner with a book, you’ll be able to find the perfect space for yourself on a cruise ship.

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