Windstar Cruises offer Wind and Surf Refits


More news about re-fits: Windstar Cruises have given the treatment to their Wind Surf private quarters, with plans to complete the public areas’ refurbishment after the end of the summer.

It’s cool! The colour scheme is cool. Both wind and surf are represented in the décor palette with whites, silvers and blues dominating the soft furnishings and window coverings, and fabulous wood trims and panels to retain the sea-going nautical theme.

Passengers staying in the state rooms can expect linen wall coverings, boudoir pillows in sumptuous silks, exquisite luxury cotton bed linen, leather headboards and concealed lighting to give an airy feel to the space.

Sleek, elegant and sophisticated, the new designs make the most of the available space with the shapes and positioning of the furniture items to make wonderfully appointed rooms.

The main boardwalk on the deck and several corridors have all benefitted from the redecoration. Wall hangings and works of art harmonise with the wind and surf theme with nautical prints and framed paintings and photographs depicting divine sea and shore scenery.

Light, bright and with a colonial touch in places, the Wind Surf promises to provide opulent surroundings without being overly ornate. Quarters look clean, fresh, relaxing and invigorating too – quite a look to pull off successfully. It will appeal to anyone with a sense of style and class, something you’ll soon develop in these chic surroundings. Wind and Surf suggests breeziness and freedom and the new colours certainly coordinate the motif in the new design.

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