US Basketball Team Opt for Luxury Cruise Ship Accommodation at Rio


Andrew Bogut and the rest of his Australian basketball teammates may be having a great time in the Olympic Village, but two teams certainly won’t be joining them. Both the men’s and women’s US basketball teams have opted out of the village accommodation in favour of staying on a luxury cruise ship.

For the next two weeks the US athletes will be bedding down on the Silversea Silver Cloud, a luxury cruise liner that boasts 196 cabins, a spa and opulent lounges.

Closer to family and friends

“We don’t stay in the village because we don’t feel it’s the best way to prepare for competition,” USA basketball spokesman Craig Miller told the Associated Press back in April. “The players have a long professional season and they want to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.”

It seems as though the opportunity to stay closer to friends and family isn’t the only thing keeping the team from the Olympic Village. Finding a comfortable place to lay their heads is a common problem for the tall players.

“The beds aren’t made for 7-foot (2.13-meter) players,” Miller added. “”These guys live on the road and they figure out ways to sleep. Sometimes I’ve seen [players] put their luggage at the end of the bed so their feet can rest there.”

The ship is moored in Rio’s new port area and is heavily guarded. It has been reported that around 250 police officers patrol the area and a bulletproof fence has been erected around the liner.

High quality accommodation

Player Kevin Durant doesn’t appear to be fazed by the heavy police presence though. He was more in awe of the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the ship. “It was so dark and then it was lit up,” he said. “It was like Jesus was flying over us. I want to go back and see it up close.”

“It’s nice. It’s like staying at a hotel,” added US guard Klay Thompson.

The teams’ decisions not to stay in the Olympic Village has little to do with the reports concerning the state of the accommodation provided by the organisers in Rio. The US basketball teams haven’t stayed in the Olympic Village for the past six Olympics, preferring instead to choose accommodation that’s better suited to their needs.

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