Two Cruise Lines Contribute to Vanuatu Disaster Relief


Royal Caribbean and Carnival Australia have both demonstrated their dedication to helping cyclone-ravaged Vanuatu recover. Donating a quarter of a billion of dollars to the relief fund and disaster recovery, the cruise lines are helping to provide the island nation with the means to recover from the effects of Cyclone Pam.

Carnival Australia, in partnership with the charity Save the Children Australia, donated $150,000 to help aid efforts last Saturday. Two days later Royal Caribbean contributed $100,000 to the Australian Red Cross with the intention of helping bring aid to the island. The cruise line has promised to pledge additional funds to the island to help rebuild any damage to the seafaring infrastructure of Vanuatu.

A statement on Royal’s Facebook page explains: “The relief donation is in addition to the recently announced partnership with the Vanuatu Government under which Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will invest AUD$3.8million in shipping infrastructure in Vanuatu.”

Following the destruction caused by Cyclone Pam, the Carnival Australia team have already travelled to the island offering support, and the cruise line is prepared to send additional bodies with more aid. The Carnival Legend will arrive at Santo, the largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago, bringing supplies including fresh water and tarpaulin.

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As well as the devastating impact upon the island of Vanuatu, Cyclone Pam has seriously impacted the cruise industry with 12 vessels changing their South Pacific itineraries following the path of destruction.

Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Australia visit Vanuatu extensively, and will continue to do so as soon as the area is deemed safe for re-entry.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons and Carnival Cruises. Credit: Philip Capper, Carnival Cruises.

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