Silversea Squeezes Under London Landmark


London’s Tower Bridge was recently graced by one of the cruise industry’s most resplendent ladies. Carrying 296 passengers and 222 crew, Silversea’s 16,800 tonne Silver Cloud sailed under the iconic London landmark en route to Copenhagen’s Kiel Canal. From here, she set her sights on Visby, Stockholm, Hellsinki, St Petersburg and Tallinn, before cruising back to London via Warnemunde and Amsterdam.

Is London set to welcome super ships?

The visit comes in the wake of recent talks to open London up as a premier cruise destination for large scale ships. Yet despite the continuing efforts of itinerary planners, immoveable restrictions such as Tower Bridge will inevitably stop the Thames from becoming too popular with super ships. Instead, there is talk of constructing a brand new mooring at Greenwich’s Enderby Wharf that would cater to cruise ships visiting the capital. If plans go ahead it will be the first time the city has hosted large scale cruise ships since the closure of the Royal Docks back in 1981.

silver cloud

Greenwich Councillor Danny Thorpe explains that the port would represent an exciting new era of cruising for London’s tourism industry. “I would expect this development to open up this whole area of Greenwich – both on the land and in terms of river use. This cruise terminal is not a commercial terminal, but is purpose built for passengers – allowing easy onward transport to the rest of the borough and beyond from the peninsula. That, combined with the improved river boat service, will provide benefits to the whole borough and make the area much more attractive in terms of inward investment,” he says.

Want to watch all the action unfold? Check out this video captured by Giovanni Bisceglia:

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Tom Bricker, IanVisits

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