Royal Caribbean Pushes Brand Marketing in Australia


Research from Royal Caribbean has discovered Australian cruise fans are more attracted by destination-packed itineraries and low prices than cruise lines or individual ships. Rather than returning year after year to a specific cruise company, Australian holidaymakers are more likely to scour for the latest deals and offers.

This has spurred the company to increase their focus on brand marketing in the region, helping to differentiate Royal Caribbean from the competition. Royal Caribbean is keen to help cruisers identify the unique features and experiences they’ll enjoy when holidaying on one of their ships.

Royal Caribbean Commercial Director, Sean Treacy, explained how surprised the company was with the revelation: “The lack of knowledge about the brand was a wake-up call. It was interesting to arrive in Australia and find that while we are popular, and our sales are a test to this, our brand just isn’t as well known or understood as it is in the US.

“We found while people who have travelled know and love the brand those who have not have very low awareness about what sets us apart from the competition.”

At the forefront of this new marketing push will be the ‘It’s Royal Caribbean Time’ campaign. The new campaign will combine print, television and online marketing to reach a greater audience and demonstrate the family-friendly value of Royal Caribbean and its fleet.

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Tracey continued: “We need to find new way to bring the diverse and imaginative qualities of Royal Caribbean to the attention of the growing market of new cruise holidaymakers in Australia.

“Those working in the print media need not be afraid about our move onto smaller screens. We’ll continue to advertise in a wide variety of print publications and their online digital versions. This remains one of our strongest mediums.”


The research also found that many Australian cruise passengers didn’t care for the ‘Australianisation’ of the cruise ships docked in the country.

“Much has been said about the Australianisation of other ships but what our research found was that adding VB and Vegemite isn’t what our passengers want,” Treacy said. “They love international travel, they love trying new things and new experience and they like the international feeling they get when they cruise with us.”

The Royal Caribbean team are particularly concerned about differentiating their brand from the competition at the moment with the Australian cruise industry set to enjoy a record-breaking summer.

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