Royal Caribbean Looks to Improve Shore Excursions for Global Guests


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Florida-based cruise line, Royal Caribbean, has announced its commitment to improving shore excursions for its 5.1 million annual cruise passengers.

The cruise line – which is currently ranked as the second largest in the world – is said to be treating shore excursions as a “corporate-level strategy item”, after recognising the need to improve cruise excursions for both new and existing passengers.

After evaluating the current excursions offered by Royal Caribbean on its global sailings, Roberta Jacoby – managing director of global tour operations at RC – concluded that there is currently a lack of balance in terms of the types of excursions Royal Caribbean offers its guests.

Jacoby said: “We need to have tours that are not only great for the new-to-cruise group but also for seasoned travellers. If you’re going to Rome for the very first time you want to see the Coliseum, Forum and Vatican, but if you’ve been to Rome a million times you are looking for something different. We look for the balance while evaluating tours.”

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As Royal Caribbean’s global tour operations director, Jacoby is faced with the challenge of creating unique, localised shore excursions in over 270 different ports across the world – for a number of different RC brands.

When asked to comment on the task ahead, Jacoby commented: “We have to be careful not to have too many tours. When we add tours we also take away. Some ports may have three tours, and some 15, it really depends. There is an optimal number of offerings for guests to go through without getting overwhelmed.”

Among the new localised excursions currently under development by Royal Caribbean is the ‘Cruise Global, Eat Local’ program, which seeks to take passengers off the beaten track and sample local cuisine in selected ports.

Jacoby concluded: “It is really all about the guest experience. If the guests aren’t enjoying themselves then it wasn’t a success. The guest experience trumps everything.”

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