Princess Cruises Introduces New Luxury Bed to Aussie Fleet


One of Australia’s most decadent cruise lines, Princess Cruises, has this week unveiled a new luxury bed which will be added to every stateroom across its Australian fleet by 2018.

Dubbed the Princess Luxury Bed, the newly announced bed has been carefully developed to offer the ultimate night of sleep at sea. Princess partnered with renowned US sleep expert Dr Michael Breus on the development of the new bed, incorporating his expertise in the field of sleep with the very latest in bed production technology.

The bed itself features a five-centimetre thick topper, a 22 centimetre thick medium-firm mattress for complete back and lumbar support, wrapped coils for reduced partner disturbance, and luxurious, 100% cotton Jacquard-woven covers.

Stuart Allison, vice president of Princess Cruises, said: “With our guests’ overall wellness in mind, we’ve invested in the design and development of our new Princess Luxury Bed with leading experts in both the science of sleep and design to offer the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep at sea.”

Dr Breus, who is also known as ‘The Sleep Doctor’, has previously released two best-selling books about sleep, and regularly lends his expertise to businesses across the hospitality sector.

Breus, who was thrilled to share his experience of bed design with Princess, also commented: “It’s important to remember that above all, sleep is a sensory experience and all five of your senses must be prepared for slumber in order for sleep to come easily and last all night long. I believe we’ve come up with some really unique aspects for not just the bed itself, but the entire experience that will allow guests to sleep really well.”

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: jerry dohnal

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