P&O Party Transports Passengers to the Roaring Twenties


P&O Cruises has updated its entertainment programme – adding a new twenties themed party to its growing entertainment roster.

Set to launch across P&O’s global fleet this month, the new at sea party concept aims to transport cruise passengers back to the 1920s; an era famed for its extravagance, decadence and glamour. To capture the roaring spirit of the decade, P&O have pulled out all the stops – with live music, DJs and a special twenties themed cocktail menu aimed at creating a sense of nostalgia and fun aboard each ship in the P&O fleet.

Announcing the new Gatsby-themed evening on their website, P&O stated that art deco embellishments will be added to every ship in preparation for the twenties bash, as well as other decorative elements synonymous with the decade – including specially-crafted chandeliers, feather boas and even a shoeshine boy.


Taking place in the atrium, the Gatsby party will follow the line’s classic show, The Velvet Rope, which has become an extremely popular event across the P&O fleet. In homage to the era, P&O encourages guests to dress in their vintage best – think flapper dresses, straw boaters and pinstriped suits.

For a truly immersive twenties experience, dance classes and Gatsby-style headwear workshops will take place in the run up to each event, whilst accessories such as hats, bow ties and feather boas will also be available for guests wishing to get into the spirit of the evening.

Brett Annable, director of entertainment at P&O Cruises, said: “As we continue to move away from traditional themed cruise nights, our guests have really embraced the new P&O parties. With the extravagant chandelier, the art deco theming and everyone dressed in the spirit of the era, it’s so much more than just another night at sea – it’s a special event. Along with Bianco, the Gatsby party is sure to become one of the most popular nights onboard our ships.”

The Gatsby evening made its debut aboard Pacific Pearl last week, becoming the fourth party concept to be released by P&O this year. The twenties themed party will take place aboard each ship in the P&O Cruises fleet during a sailing of three nights or more.

Header image sourced via P&O Australia.Credit: P&O. Body image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: My Aching Head

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