P&O Add Incredible New Show to On Board Entertainment Programme


P&O Australia has officially upped the ante in terms of at-sea entertainment, adding incredible new dance show, Twice Upon a Time, to its on board entertainment programme.

Dubbed “a lyrical dance piece that takes a dramatic journey through a post-apocalyptic world to a time of re-generation and splendour”, Twice Upon a Time is receiving great acclaim from critics and guests alike thanks to its incredible original score, pioneering choreography and envelope-pushing set pieces.


Incredibly, Twice Upon a Time contains no dialogue, with the entire story being played out through the actors’ movement and body language, as well as the musical score, which also contains elements of a fictitious language.


According to P&O Australia’s Head of Entertainment, Brett Annable, Twice Upon a Time heralds a brave new chapter in the creation of gripping new at-sea shows, and says this particular spectacle marks a turning point in P&O’s entertainment programme.


He said: “We’re taking a big leap into uncharted territory with Twice Upon a Time. Unlike anything Australian cruise guests will have seen at sea, it’s packed with raw emotion and the musical score and contemporary choreography is so powerful, it takes the audience to another place.”


According to Annable, the new show is all part of P&O Australia’s ongoing efforts to revamp its at-sea entertainment programme, and keep the selection in line with the line’s broader aesthetic and appeal. Other newly integrated on board entertainment includes the Bianco party and the Great Gatsby-themed cocktail evening.


Twice Upon a Time will be exclusively performed aboard new P&O Australia, Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden, though plans are in place to extend this type of innovative show concept to other P&O ships.


If Twice Upon a Time doesn’t sound the show for you, others are available from P&O, including The Velvet Rope, Disconnected and Life as We Know It.


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