New Zealand Embraces Cost Effective Cruising



In light of the increasing redeployment of cruise liners to Southern Hemisphere waters, New Zealand has emerged as the latest country to embrace the fantastic benefits of holidaying on the high seas. According to the 2013 Cruise Industry Source Market Report, the number of New Zealand cruise passengers hit an all-time high of 59,316 last year, a number that represents a huge 23% increase on 2012 statistics. 

Ships to NZ shores

The redeployment of ships is largely due to Americans and Europeans feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis, resulting in cruise lines being forced to take their services elsewhere. New Zealanders are more than happy to fill the gap, Brett Jardine, Australasian General Manager of Cruise Lines International Association explaining, “We’ve kept filling the ships and they’ve kept sending them.”

Kiwis know a great deal when they see one!

And with an increased number of on-board services and budget friendly package deals on offer, it’s not hard to see why. As well as seasoned sailors, the numbers are also made up by a significant number of first time cruisers and families on the search for an easy, relaxing and cost effective holiday. With vessels now boasting attractions such as ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, zip lines and an impressive selection of dining options, cruise ships offer all the perks of hotels and resorts without the hefty price tag.  

Jardine maintains that while the cost of cruise holidays hasn’t changed much in the past decade, the value for money has skyrocketed and seen a notable rise in the number of Kiwis jumping at the chance to snap up incredible value holiday deals.

Aussies join New Zealanders in embracing the cruising trend

New Zealanders aren’t the only ones welcoming the increase in Down Under deployments, with Aussie cruise passenger numbers increasing by a huge 48% since 2012. The South Pacific is by far the most popular destination, its tropical climate, dazzling blue waters and postcard perfect beaches attracting an estimated 31% of passengers.

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