New Report Reveals Exciting Global Cruise Industry Figures


An independent report from Business Research and Economic Advisers (BREA), commissioned by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA),  has revealed that the global cruise industry is now worth an astonishing $117 billion.

The report analysed data of crew and passenger visits and direct expenditures in order to estimate the contribution of the cruise industry to the global economy.

Positive impacts

Following a 77% increase in demand for cruise holidays over the last decade, the global cruise industry now employs 891,009 full time staff, with wages totalling at $38.47 billion.

As well as generating thousands of jobs around the globe, cruise port days contribute greatly to local economies. With an average 7-day cruise making 3 to 4 port calls, the report has determined that almost 115 million port visit days are made worldwide, with crew and passengers spending an average of almost $127 at every port.

Developing markets

Alongside Brazil and China, Australia was highlighted as a developing market, with 833,000 passengers embarking on cruises at Australian ports during 2013. Australian passengers and crew accounted for 3% of global direct expenditures, which include expenses such as accommodation, tours, transport, and food and drink, spending a collective $1.72 billion at ports visit days in 2013.

Christine Duffy, CLIA President and CEO, predicted a bright future and further growth for the cruise industry, stating, “The cruise industry is truly global, bringing together a diverse mix of international passengers and crew to experience exciting itineraries, multiple destinations, and exceptional holiday vacation value on every continent.

“With so many fun options and a high return on vacation experience, it’s not surprising that the popularity of cruise holidays continues to grow.”

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