New Cruise Port Planned for Qatar


A brand new state-of the art cruise port is being planned for Doha, Qatar — a developing city located in a prime position for commercial cruise travel. Dubbed The Falcon of Doha, the cruise port project is the brainchild of architects Riccio+Maciejowski, who have previously stated that such a venture would create a tourist area in the heart of Doha.

According to the architects, the opportunity for a new cruise port is only possible due to the government of Qatar abandoning plans for a cargo port in the same area — leaving the site accessible to a new development.

Folco Riccio, lead architect at Riccio+Maciejowski, said: “Following the guidelines set by the ministry of tourism in its 2013 national strategy, we decided to create a ‘destination within a destination,’ a welcoming stage for tourists and a state of the art cruise port.

“The cruise facilities have been designed to be able to serve as a port of call and a homeport and will undoubtedly get the attention of the major cruise lines, and could lay the foundation for a Qatar cruise line, making Doha a hub in the Persian Gulf”.


In the initial phase of The Falcon of Doha development, infrastructure will be put in place to house three global megaships, as well as the city’s Maidan Quarter, main mosque and a souk marketplace. Development on the homeport will also begin.

The second stage of the development will see the construction of a state-of-the-art underground soccer stadium, which will be used during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Alongside this stadium, work will commence on a series of parks, beaches and hotels to complement the port and transform the area into a luxury tourist hub.

According to Riccio, every aspect of The Falcon of Doha has been specially designed to achieve maximum revenue from visiting tourists. Once completed, the port itself will be able to accommodate 200,000 cruise passengers a year thanks to the development of cruise infrastructure capable of housing six megaships at any one time.

If The Falcon of Doha project is officially endorsed, construction could start as early as mid-2016.

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