Introducing Australia’s Biggest Cruise Aficionados


It’s all very well to say you ‘love’ cruise holidays. After all, who wouldn’t? But with a collective 4036 days of cruising between them, an Australian couple is taking the term ‘cruise addict’ to a whole new level.

For more than 15 years, Yvonne and Russell Parry have been trotting the globe on the decks of countless luxury cruise ships. They’re without a doubt two of the nation’s most dedicated cruise enthusiasts, and admit that they couldn’t imagine living any other way.

Fresh off a 35-day Hawaiian cruise, the Parry’s repacked their bags to embark on a momentous 104-day world cruise on-board the Sea Princess. According to Mrs Parry, ‘boat life’ is now something of a “thrilling” addiction.

“We really believe we have the best life. We want to live forever,” said 69-year-old Mrs Parry, who estimates that they’ve set sail on over 150 cruises over the past 15 years. “We don’t regret a single day.”

15 years of cruising, and counting!

When the couple’s golden wedding anniversary rolled around, it was only fitting that they celebrate on board the suitably named Golden Princess. With the kids now grown up and a comfortable cruise ship retirement fund at the ready, Mrs Parry asserts that she and her husband are now living the dream.


“We hadn’t done a lot of travel before we started cruising. It was always too difficult with three young children,” she says. “We think this is our time, when we can do what a lot of young people do — travel the world. It’s just that we don’t have to backpack!”

Of course, not having to do laundry or prepare meals is another major upside, at least according to Mrs Parry!

“What a blessing! I’m the world’s worst cook, I hate cooking and the best part is we sit down at dinner and leave the cabin and when we return it’s all beautifully clean,” she says.

Australia’s love affair with luxury cruising

With Australian cruise passenger numbers up by 15% on 2015’s figures, The Parrys aren’t alone in their love for the high seas. The South Pacific steals the pedestal as Australia’s favourite cruise destination, while the Parrys rank Valletta (in Malta), St Petersburg, Glasgow, Reykjavik and New York as their top five ports.


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