Travel Industry Dupes with Brilliant April Fools’ Day Pranks!


Forget short sheeting beds, gluing coins to the pavement and smoothing Glad Wrap over the toilet. The travel industry takes April Fools’ Day seriously, so when the 2016 instalment rolled around companies were at the ready. Here’s a line-up of some of our favourite pranks, from across the industry!

Groupon gets political

To Groupon, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a bit of a joke. Which is why on April 1st, the company introduced four year holidays to Down Under citizens wanting to escape the global aftermath of a Trump administration. Genius!    

Jet Star introduces ‘Singlish’

Now available on flights departing from Singapore’s Changi airport, Jet Star announced that the airline would be debuting ‘Singlish’ as an official language.

Royal Caribbean’s duo of dupes

Content with not just one but two pranks, Royal Caribbean had the world convinced that in 2030 it would be launching a brand new space ship, suitably named Orbiter of the Galaxies. A state of the art craft, it would offer passengers panoramic intergalactic views as it sailed through outer space.


Following up this futuristic announcement was a statement claiming that the line had headhunted James Hand (the man behind the BoatyMcBoatface sensation) to name its latest ship.

Contiki goes virtual

Why spend thousands of dollars travelling the world when you could do it all for just $149? Marketed as a way to “get the “high” of seeing destinations without the high price tag,” the concept of virtual reality holidays was definitely a unique idea to say the least.

Virgin Australia’s ‘Kid Class’

With ‘kickable’ seats, an on-board teddy bear menu and a Trunki ride-on concierge service, Virgin’s new ‘Kid Class’ had little ones unbelievably excited. Richard Branson also deserves serious kudos for his US prank that introduced a brand new, tongue in cheek American logo.

Travelodge’s new wakeup call

A traditional wakeup call is so last year. In 2016, Travelodge Hotels will offer a brand new ‘cold call’ that’s guaranteed to have sleepy guests jumping out of bed. After all, who could remain drowsy after having an icy cold glass of water thrown on their face?

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