Do You Need to Relax More? – Cruise Report Suggests So


Overworked. Stressed. Tense. Sometimes people can get caught up in modern life and forget to allow time to unwind. A ‘Relaxation Report’ by Princess Cruises seems to agree. Based on responses by a thousand people aged 18 and over, the report reveals a lot about the way we live. So what kind of things have they found?

Catching up

The first finding relates to tiredness. Nearly three quarters (72%) of those who took the survey said they take at least one day off a year just to catch up with sleep. The overall response was more alarming – the average respondent has five days off per year for sleep.

How have people become so stressed and tired? Well, the report’s additional findings go some way to explaining this trend for tiredness. 68% of people admitted to using at least one of their ‘holiday’ days from work to do something other than relax or go on holiday. It seems as though the days away from work people do get are being spent running errands.

Too tired to relax

Even those who use their holidays from work for actual holidays aren’t necessarily relaxing. Around half (48%) of the participants reported a frequent habit of skipping activities or events because they’re too tired. Despite being on ‘holiday’, people still don’t feel relaxed enough to enjoy themselves.

The Izumi Japanese spa on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

The survey also found that most people have to plan ahead. Finding time to relax seems to be easier said than done, as 58% admitted to scheduling their relaxation time. Taking time to relax amongst the stresses is a cause for guilt too, according to the report. Both women (48%) and men (39%) said they felt guilty when they took time to relax.

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Waking up

The solution? Princess Cruises’ slogan – ‘Come Back New’ – says it all. For proper relaxation, people need to completely separate their responsibilities and free time. Enjoyment is relaxation. Using days to sleep is a waste of relaxation time.

Relax on board a luxury liner

Sweeping you away from your work and responsibilities, cruises provide the perfect opportunity for complete and utter relaxation. If you need to relax more, book a Princess Cruise with Cruise1st. For more information, call our dedicated Australian cruise experts for free on 1300 857 345.

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