RCI Embraces Modern Art with Giant Magenta Polar Bear On-board Quantum of the Seas


If you thought cruise ships were all about generic décor and neutral colour schemes, think again! Royal Caribbean International is pushing the boundaries of contemporary cruising with the addition of a giant magenta polar bear sculpture to its latest floating resort, Quantum of the Seas. The polar bear is the masterpiece of Melbourne born RMIT University student, Lawrence Argent.

Argent explains, “It is quite exciting to be collaborating with Royal Caribbean on a very visible and significant piece of art that will allow my work to be exposed to thousands of people each week.”

The eight tonne extravaganza measures in at 9.1 metres and can currently be found basking on the top deck of what critics refer to as the ‘most advanced cruise ship’ on the planet. Watch this video to learn more about the project and see the first glimpse of the polar bear on-board:

An art exhibition on the high seas

According to RCI representatives, the pink polar bear is one of 2980 pieces of art making up a specially curated exhibition titled, ‘What Makes Life Worth Living.’ Together, the pieces represent millions of dollars worth of art which are set to grace the decks of Quantum of the Seas.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Executive Vice President, Operations, Royal Caribbean International explains, “Royal Caribbean has a long history of showcasing original art at sea. In fact, we boast one of the world’s largest private art collections across our fleet.”

Polar bears, butterflies and cascades of light

The structure comprises of 1340 stainless steel triangles, strategically arranged to portray a polar bear. He has named the piece ‘From Afar’ and hopes the awe inspiring structure will capture the imagination of passengers and provide them with an intriguing focus point that they can admire from afar.

“The thing about cruise holidays is that they transport individuals from the normality of their everyday lives and leave them open to new experiences,” said Argent.

Other notable pieces in RCI’s collection include Paul Villinski’s wall of over 200 stainless steel butterflies and Soo Sunny Park’s whimsical ‘Waves of Light’ structure.

“The pieces we have commissioned for Quantum of the Seas are stunning, engaging and in some cases completely unexpected, and we are so thrilled that our guests have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exceptionally brilliant works from some of the world’s most talented artists such as Lawrence Argent,” said Lutoff-Perlo.

RCI continues to deliver innovative at sea firsts

In the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean is renowned for its commitment to pioneering never before seen at sea experiences. Quantum of the Seas is the epitome of this dedication, featuring cutting edge entertainment options including a 100 metre high glass pod viewing capsule that offers passengers panoramic views over the open ocean. Also housed on the ship is a bumper car ride, skydiving simulator and circus school complete with a flying trapeze station. The facilities are spread over 18 decks capable of carrying 4180 passengers. With 2090 staterooms to its name, Quantum does not compromise on luxury. The multimillion dollar exhibition is definitely an at sea first, which Argent hopes will open the minds of passengers and ignite an appreciation for modern art!

“The bear engages those that have a fear of thinking they don’t know what art is and turns it into an approachable entity,” adds Argent.

Based in New York, Quantum is set to service sun kissed destinations across the Bahamas and Caribbean. If you want to visit these incredible destinations, indulge in first class service and gaze at a giant magenta polar bear, we can help at Cruise 1st. You can view our latest Royal Caribbean International cruise packages here or call us on 1300-857-345 today. Happy travels!

Images sourced via Royal Carribean Press Center. Credit: Royal Caribbean.

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