Freestyle Coca-Cola machines arrive onboard Royal Caribbean ships


The Royal Caribbean cruise line have been introducing Royal Caribbean freestyle Coca-Cola machines onboard its ships, and these will continue to be installed throughout 2013.

Royal Caribbean’s Director of Fleet Beverage Operations, Bob Midyette, worked hard with Coca-Cola to bring these freestyle machines onboard the fleet’s ships.

The new freestyle machines are far more than an ordinary vending machine. They are designed with cutting-edge technology and offer customers far more options than they may be used to! Firstly, these machines are designed by Ferrari and include the interface of an iPad, and secondly, the machines include 125 different flavours! By using small cartridges packed with different flavours (which are only around the same size as an ink cartridge), these machines manage to hold a wide variety of soft drink options.  These include many new flavours that passengers on Royal Caribbean’s ships may never have heard of before, such as Orange Coke, Peach Fanta Zero or Raspberry Sprite! Using touch screen technology, passengers will find it easy to navigate the freestyle machines and open up a whole new world of soft drink flavours.

Royal Caribbean’s ships needed to prepare for the installation of the freestyle machines. For example, health codes were updated and modified in order for the machines to be allowed onboard. The Radio Frequency Identification will be used on the ships to allow passengers to serve themselves throughout their holiday. This will mean that their souvenir cups will be usable with the freestyle machines during the cruise and will expire on leaving their holiday.

One Coca-Cola freestyle machine has already been installed on the ship, Majesty of the Seas, with others soon to follow. So, if fizzy drinks are your thing, then the new variety on offer with Royal Caribbean will be very pleasing news! Royal Caribbean will join many other illustrious companies in using these new Coca-Cola machines, including Universal Studios and Disney.

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