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With lengths of up to 360 metres, weights of over 225,000 tonnes and passenger capacities of more than 6000, the world’s most luxurious cruise ships make quite the impression. And with 360 degree video tours, dedicated YouTube channels and high resolution photographs now available, imagining yourself on-board these maritime marvels is easier than ever. Of course, there’s always room for improvement and when New Yorker photographer Jeffrey Milstein managed to capture incredible bird’s eye shots of some of the world’s largest liners, we were seriously blown away!

“Giant cruise ships, over three football fields long, have become unique floating cities,” explains Milstein. “They have a curious beauty and tell us something about how we as a culture form instant communities for shared recreation and relaxation.”

A stunning bird’s eye view of the Disney Dream and Norwegian Sky. 

Bird’s eye view of the Disney Dream and Norwegian Sky.

Cruise photography gets sky-high

Hanging out of a specially commissioned helicopter, Milstein offers passengers a dizzying perspective of the vessels that host their at-sea getaways. His subjects encompass ships from some of the biggest names in the business, including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival and Disney. From swimming pools, water flumes, hot tubs, basketball courts, golf courses and gardens, the bird’s eye view takes cruise photography to soaring new heights and according to Milstein, shows “passengers lounging on deck chairs, playing on water park slides, putting greens, running tracks, and basketball courts.”

How do Carnival Sensation and Carnival Victory shape up to each other? 

Carnival Sensation and Carnival Victory

Luxury liner or work of art?

While the cruise ship photos have only just been published the series is part of an ongoing aircraft project that began in 2013.  To capture the amazing images Milstein uses an 80 megapixel digital camera with a gyro stabilizer. He has to keep standards high seeing as his work is set to be showcased at New York’s prestigious Benrubi Gallery from July 9th to August 22th. As well as being leisure spaces, Milstein also explores the manufacturing feats of cruise liners, explaining that the larger vessels “are fascinating to ponder as engineering marvels.” Are they worthy of an art gallery? Milstein certainly things so! “Seen as a typology, they share a common symmetry derived from function, yet juxtapose design elements both decorative and functional that set them apart,” he said.

A whole new perspective on Caribbean Princess and Carnival Victory! 

A whole new perspective on Caribbean Princess and Carnival Victory!

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Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas. 

Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas.

 Images sourced. Credit:  Jeffrey Milstein/Rex

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