Carnival Corporation Commits to 2020 Sustainability Targets


The world’s largest cruise travel tour operator, Carnival Corporation, has this week pledged its commitment to a number of sustainability targets, which it hopes to meet by 2020.

Among the roster of environmental sustainability goals, Carnival has specifically targeted water efficiency and responsible waste disposal, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gases and other emissions.

The global cruise giant has also committed to a series of community-based sustainability objectives, including improvements to the health, safety and security of guests and crew members. This is alongside changes to supply chains and community involvement, and changes to its workforce diversity and inclusion policy.

With a total of 10 global cruise brands — including Cunard, Holland America Line and P&O — 100 ships and 11 million annual passengers; Carnival Corporation are able to invest millions of dollars into enhancing the sustainability of its total cruise fleet. By affirming its sustainability targets for the next five years, Carnival Corp hopes to demonstrate its continuing commitment to the passengers, staff and communities affected by its day-to-day operations.

Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation, said: “Across our 10 brands, we host millions of guests a year and visit 725 ports of call around the world, and the health and vitality of the oceans, seas and communities through which we travel is absolutely essential to our business. That makes protecting the environment one of our most critical areas of focus as a corporation, and it is why it is important for us to publicly communicate our sustainability goals.”

Carnival Corporation has a respectable track record in meeting sustainability goals. In 2014, the organisation announced that it had met its target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across its global cruise brands by 20% — a year earlier than was originally predicted.

If you’re interested in reading a summary of Carnival’s 2020 sustainability targets, take a look at the company’s sustainability targets infographic below:

Carnival Corporation 2020 Sustainability Goals (PRNewsFoto/Carnival Corporation & plc)

Infographic Sourced Via PRNewsFoto. Credit: Carnival Corporation.

Image sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center. Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises.






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