Australian Couple Hoist the Rigging on their 125th Cruise


When Yvonne and Russell Parry bought their first piece of land at age 16, they didn’t realise that they were setting themselves up for a life lived so little on terra firma. The couple embarked on the 125th cruise with Princess Cruises this year, having enjoyed a total of 4,036 days on the ocean over the last 15 years. After returning to Sydney after a 35 night cruise to Tahiti, they set off on a 104 night world cruise on the Sea Princess, making them the biggest cruise goers in Australia.

Mrs Parry, 69, said that they were addicted to the lifestyle that cruising allows them to live, from never having to do the laundry to waking up in a new country almost every morning. She said, “We really believe we have the best life. We want to live forever. We hadn’t done a lot of travel before we started cruising. It was always too difficult with three young children. We think this is our time, when we can do what a lot of young people do – travel the world. It’s just that we don’t have to backpack!”

Cruise Ship 'Ruby Princess" in the Bay of Mykonos

With more than a million Australians taking a cruise last year, the Parrys are not alone in thinking that taking to the water is the best way to travel. Of those that took a cruises, almost three quarters ventured beyond Australian water, with the South Pacific being the most popular holiday destination. Frequent cruising gives the Parrys added benefits, such as having all of their laundry services included in the price of their cruise. Not having to worry about washing, cleaning or cooking is one of the best benefits, says Mrs Parry. “What a blessing! I’m the world’s worst cook, I hate cooking and the best part is we sit down at dinner and leave the cabin and when we return it’s all beautifully clean.”

Princess is the only cruise line to offer a roundtrip world cruise from the southern hemisphere and all fares and charges are in Australian dollars. Cruising is an amazing way to see the world in the most relaxing way possible, from destinations and travel planning to making dinner, there really is nothing left for you to worry about. If you would like a taste of the Parrys’ luxurious lifestyle, why not browse our world cruises on the Cruise 1st Australia website, or call our dedicated sales team on 1300 857 345.

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