Aussie Blokes Bigger Holiday Shoppers than Women


Despite stereotypes to the contrary, research by Princess Cruises has revealed that Australian men are more likely to be found spending their bucks whilst on holiday than women. The cruise line company discovered that 27% of men would purchase a gift for their partner during a trip away, whilst only 7% of women would do likewise.

The study of 1,000 holidaymakers also showed that women had more selfish shopping habits, with 54% admitting that they shopped mainly for themselves whilst away on their holidays. More than 60% of the interviewees revealed they would indulge in retail therapy at least three times a holiday, and a further 15% said they are inclined to shop every single day of a trip.

Cunard Shopping

Princess Cruises’ spokesperson Meg Koffel enthused: “We knew Australians loved to shop but we had no idea they dedicated so much of their precious holiday time to shopping. It’s fascinating to see how ‘holiday mode’ can alter the way Aussies behave, with men spoiling their partners and something like shopping together as a couple – often a no-go zone back home – becoming much more appealing in the relaxed confines of a holiday.”

The interviewed men also demonstrated their big-spender credentials whilst away with more than 40% revealing they would habitually spend over $500 on their travels. The women did manage to live up to some stereotypes during the research, indicating they’d spend the majority of their hard-earned cash on clothes and shoes.

Cruise holidays prove to be particularly popular shopping hotspots for holidaymakers due to the lack of baggage limitations suffered by plane travellers. Furthermore, the world’s premier cruise ships play host to some of the world’s best-loved brands and most exclusive shops.

Despite holidaymakers’ love of shopping, their least favourite store-browsing partners were revealed to be children and parents.

Cruise Line Shopping Hot Spots

Just some of the Cruise1st team’s favourite cruise ships for shopping:

Celebrity Millennium

The Millennium from Celebrity Cruises hosts a huge shopping venue called the Emporium, complete with a great of selection jewellery and watch shops as well as a flagship Apple Store. The ship’s shoppers also benefit from a central shopping kiosk, offering the latest discounts and deals.

Celebrity Millennium photo by Rennett Stowe

P&O Pacific Pearl

The Pacific Pearl from P&O Australia offers a boutique shopping experience with a selection of markets alongside speciality shops. P&O Australia has also developed a reputation for offering incredible duty-free rates on alcohol and tobacco.

Voyager of the Seas

The Voyager of the Seas from Royal Caribbean benefits from the Royal Promenade – a shopping district at the heart of the ship. A wide range of fashion boutiques, perfumeries and jewellers make up many of the stores along with more child-centric shores aboard this family-friendly shop.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons and Cunard Cruises Media Center. Credit: Cunard Cruises, John Buie, Rennette Stowe.


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