5 Things to Splurge on During a Cruise


Booking an all-inclusive cruise might sound extravagant enough, but there are several small indulgencies you should binge on to make your time at sea that extra special. From alternative dining to indulgent spa treatments, a cruise should be a thoroughly opulent affair, and one that leaves no stone unturned in the hunt for luxury, relaxation and complete contentment. If that means adding an extra A$500 to your getaway pot, so be it.

Here, we look at 5 things you should splurge on during a cruise.

Alternative Dining

While there’s nothing wrong with the fare served in the main dining room, the menus can get repetitive fast, particularly if you’re cruising for any longer than a week. Stray off the culinary piste however, and you’ll discover a wealth of alternate eats that provide welcome respite from the humdrum fodder of the buffet table. Sure, dishes served in third-party restaurants aren’t included in the all-inclusive package, but we think it’s a small price to pay to indulge in a more varied and delicious array of grub.

Spa Treatments


Putting aside the sightseeing and excursions, a cruise should deliver relaxation and an escape from the daily grind — and what better way to oust the 9 to 5 blues than with a heavenly spa session? Every cruise ship worth its sea salt features an on-board spa, and prices for treatments are often very reasonable — be it a massage, facial or pedicure. Whether you’re fifty or twenty, male or female, or have never visited a spa before, there’s no excuse not to invest in a little ‘me time’ during your cruise.


More of a money saving tip than a splurge; biting the bullet and paying the corkage fee to bring your own booze aboard could save you a fortune if you plan on sinking a few bottles of plonk in your stateroom. Cruise lines normally charge between A$10 and A$30 to let guests carry their own drinks’ cabinet with them, but compare that to the mark-up they make on bottles of wine beyond the inclusive house range and you’ll easily make your money back.

Adults-Only Areas

Paying to get away from the kids might sound insidious and un-parental, but a day spent free from your little rascals could be just what you need to fully unwind and relax — leaving you free and happy to enjoy the rest of your holiday with your little’uns running riot by your side. Most cruise ships have designated decks or areas held exclusively for adults, where it’s possible to enjoy some much needed peace, quiet and downtime. Often these areas come at a price, but you do get some added extras for your money, including a private pool, separate lounge and other luxury titbits like free drinks and snacks. What’s more, because passengers have to book a space in the adults only area, you won’t have to face the usual deckchair scrum.

Shore Excursions


Ignoring what we said about a cruise providing the ultimate in relaxation and comfort: book as many shore excursions as you can, throwing caution to the wind in terms of budget and cost. On top of anything else, a cruise should provide unforgettable experiences and encounters not regularly enjoyed on your average package holiday. With shore excursions ranging from A$50 to A$250 on most cruise lines, there’s sure to be a selection of trips which quench your long-neglected wanderlust.

Whether you plan to cruise on a tight budget or put your money where your mouth is, here at Cruise1st Australia, we’ve loads of affordable cruise deals that won’t break the bank — leaving you free to splurge and splurge again during your time atop the waves. To browse our selection of cruises, visit our homepage or call us on 1300 857 345.

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