WORLD CLASS’ “Bartender of the Year” contest to be held onboard Azamara Journey


WORLD CLASS, the organisers of the world’s largest and most respected mixology competition, have just announced that their 2013 Global Final will take place onboard Azamara Club Cruise’s ship Azamara Journey.

Before early July, 50 different bartenders will be selected to compete at WORLD CLASS’ Global Final for the title of “Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year.”  They will be judged by some of the world’s most respected mixology experts, including legends Dale DeGroff, Salvatore Calabrese,Peter Dorelli, Hidetsugo Ueno and Gary Regan.

Joining the judges will be a number of world famous bar owners, international stars of stage and screen and media glitterati.   In total there will be over 600 attendees at the event, all of whom will help to celebrate the craft of bar-tending and the art of mixology.  Guests will enjoy cocktail challenges, high-profile evening events, inspiring industry talks and drink-related debates!

The final will take place between the 4th and 9th of July, as the Azamara Journey sets sail along the French Riviera in Nice before visiting Monte Carlo.  The voyage also includes stopovers in some of the Mediterranean’s most iconic destinations, including St. Tropez, Ibiza and Barcelona.

Speaking of the event, Rudy Paoli, Managing Director Diageo Reserve, said:

The WORLD CLASS Global Final is a landmark event in the luxury industry which has become an internationally recognized platform and mark of distinction for mixology. WORLD CLASS elevates the craft of the bartender, discovers new talent and previews the latest trends and must-have fine drinking experiences to the world. Given the strong growth of the Diageo Reserve business within Europe, the Mediterranean was a clear choice for the 2013 Global Final.

And speaking specifically about Azamara Journey, Roland Abella, Managing Director Global Travel & Middle East, Diageo, continued:

Embarking on its maiden voyage, WORLD CLASS recognises the increasing popularity of luxury cruises, which are becoming some of the most sought-after tickets in premium travel,” continued “The partnership with Azamara Club Cruises will offer a unique experience for the voyagers. The Global Final will take inspiration from the most exclusive ports in Europe and bring to them the most stylish, distinctive fine drinking experiences on board the ship.

Finally, Larry Pimentel, President and CEO, Azamara Club Cruises, had this to add about his company’s ship being chosen for the high profile event:

Our team at Azamara Club Cruises is dedicated to creating compelling and exceptional destination-immersive experiences for our discerning, up-market travellers. We are delighted to be partnering with WORLD CLASS, bringing fine drinking experiences on board for our guests.


WORLD CLASS only launched in 2009, but now the company trains over 15,000 bartenders each year.  In 2012 the company launched a TV show that was broadcast in more than 110 countries, which put a spotlight on WORLD CLASS bartenders.

About Azamara Club Cruises:

Azamara Club Cruises promise luxury journeys across the sea, bursting with adventure and curiosity from the off.  The company boast a wider range of ports than any other cruise line.  From Spring 2013 onwards, Azamara will offer an all inclusive luxury club cruising experience, with a selection of complimentary wines, spirits and beers available throughout the day, plus an English butler service in suites.


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