What’s So Special About River Cruising?


Cruising is experiencing a boom at the moment, as more and more people want to travel the world, but aren’t willing to give up the comforts of home. River cruising is an amazing way to see an entire country or region, experience its culture and its history, all from the comfort of a single, sailing hotel. If you are still not convinced, read on to find out what is so special about river cruising. 

Value for Money

Whilst river cruises can seem expensive up front, they often work out to be amazing value for money, especially when food and drinks packages are included in the price. Three meals a day are usually included in the price of your ticket, and many river cruise lines offer amazing food and even a choice of restaurants. House wines, beers and soft drinks are usually complimentary at meal times, and with bottled beers often costing just a few dollars, you’re unlikely to break the bank outside of those times. Some deals can seem more expensive, but when you look a little closer, they offer all-inclusive packages, from the mini-bar in your room to the filter coffee that you’ll need the morning after.

River Cruises Are Intimate

River cruises tend to be smaller and more intimate than ocean-faring journeys, offering the chance to develop new friendships over the course of the cruise. Rather than the 2,000 or more passengers that can usually be found on an ocean cruise, river cruises tend to only have around 200 passengers on board. After a few days spent dining, dancing and exploring together, it can feel like you’ve known everyone for years. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, or in a huge group, it’s likely that you’ll find plenty of people to have fun with. Some people have made friends for life this way, and gone on to have lots of exciting cruising adventures together.

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Amazing Service

If you’re a fan of personal service, river cruises are the way to go. The intimate number of passengers means that there are plenty of crew to go around, with each guest receiving five-star service from the dedicated teams. There might be less in the way of figure skaters, acrobats, and Broadway performers than on large ocean cruise ships, but you can be sure that your glass will always be full, and there will always be a friendly face when you need assistance. Dedicated teams of outstanding crew members, taking care of everything from laundry to laughs at the dinner table, are one of the reasons people come back to river cruises again and again.

Stunning Scenery

Ocean cruises can take you to some amazing places, but when it comes to scenery, river cruises have the upper hand. Rather than looking out over an expanse of ocean between destinations, river cruises wind through the best views around, with landmarks and natural wonders to marvel at around every corner. Jagging cliff faces, rolling green mountains, thunderous waterfalls, untouched settlements; river cruising lets you marvel at the hidden beauty of a country as you glide by. Whether you travel by car, plane, or bicycle, you’re never going to get the amazing experience you would when reclining on the sun deck of a river cruise ship.

Explore the Centre  

Whilst ocean cruise ships are limited as to where they can dock by their enormous size, river cruises get you right to the heart of a region. Often stopping at major towns and attractions across a region, they give you a chance to explore the culture and heritage, without the need for an extensive transfer. From historical sites to iconic buildings, river cruises let you explore the very heart of a country and experience the everyday lives of the people who live there. Tours are often run by the cruise operators to make sure that you can make the most of these exciting trips to shore.

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Shore Tours Are Included

Unlike with ocean cruises, where guided shore excursions are sometimes additional to the price, river cruises often include a number of tours in the price of the ticket. With river cruises, the main feature of the trip is the region you’re visiting, rather than the amazing experience on board. You get to dive in and experience lots of different places along your trip, and guided tours are a great way to discover things that you may have missed on your own. Some river cruise lines also offer special audio apps for your smartphone, so if you prefer to explore at your own pace you can still be sure not to miss any important sights.

Experience the Region

River cruising is one of the best ways to explore an entire region, rather than just sampling one small area. You get to wind your way through the centre of a country, absorbing the stunning landscape and experiencing the changing cultures as you work your way downstream. The north of a country is often very different in culture, dialect and architecture to the south, and a river cruise allows you to experience those changes as you visit different ports throughout the country. A truly special way to travel.

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