Waterways of the World


Cruises don’t have to limit themselves to oceans. If they can fit along the waterways and under bridges, there are many more watery destinations that could fascinate you.

Some places are only accessible by ship or boat. Not all of us are sailors or have yachts and crews, besides it’s much more pleasurable if you can escape the hard work and let a cruise liner sail you through foreign waters. Leave the navigation to the professionals and relax and enjoy the trip.

Somewhere like the Panama Canal that links the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans offers a terrific experience. Aboard your cruise ship you will travel through the narrow waters and locks, close to rainforest greenery and tropical jungle while the on board facilities more than complement any on shore excursions. Scandinavian fjords offer majestic glacial landscapes unavailable anywhere else in the world. Flanked by ancient mountains, the scenery dotted with picturesque heritage towns and villages is breath taking. Throughout Europe there are myriad rivers to explore that allow you to take in the unique architecture of the country and experience the different cities on your route. Castles, cathedrals and chateaux, vineyards, bulb fields and rolling hills all await your gasps of admiration.

No two rivers are the same. Imagine travelling the Nile, the Rhine, the Mekong, Danube, Moselle, Volga or Yangtze rivers. Imagine taking these cruises when they coincide with major festivals and the spectacles you could witness. If you intend travelling on board a cruise it is worthwhile checking out the special calendar dates of your destination. What might seem like an ideal time to travel for you, say Christmas or New Year, may not be the time of year to appreciate regional celebrations elsewhere in the world. Do a little bit of research and you might find you could benefit from off peak travel at your end if you travel outside the traditional holiday season, yet you could meet a fabulous national fete at the other end of your journey.

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