Upgraded Celebrity Millennium set to return to Australia this year


Expect exciting new features & itineraries

Earlier this month, Celebrity Millennium emerged from a multi million dollar upgrade after it’d been renovated while in dry dock.

The ship now boasts gorgeous new interiors and is packed full of fancy new features which we’ll explore in detail in this blog post.

Celebrity Cruises have also reminded us that the ship is now set to sail to Australia’s shores this November (for the first time since 2009!)  We’ll look at where the ship is heading as we take a look at its itineraries.

About Celebrity Millennium’s transformation:

After three weeks in dry dock and $140 million US dollars spent on the transformation, Celebrity Millennium has now been officially “Solsticized”.

The ‘Solsticizing’ process involves major renovations:  Celebrity Millennium is the forth, final and most recent ship to undergo the transformation, which sees Millennium class ships refitted with the ‘best’ features of the Solstice Class ships.  These renovations pull the Millennium ships inline with the level of comfort and luxury offered by the ever-impressive Solstice.   The Millennium Class “Solsticizing” initiative was completed within less than two years.   Solsticizing the ships now raises the bar for other cruising companies.

Speaking in his capacity as Celebrity’s CEO and President, Dan Hanrahan said, “Our Millennium Class ships already had a large and loyal following, having repeatedly ranked at the top of many of the world’s most prestigious consumer polls, and their original style, design and ambiance served as significant inspiration for the design of the Solstice Class. So now, we’re bringing it full circle, incorporating on the entire Millennium Class what our guests enjoy most on the Solstice Class. It ties our whole fleet together in a very powerful way.”

So, what’s new?

Amenities such as Solstice’s real top deck lawn and the ice-topped Martini bar have been added to Millennium ships.

Solstice’s popular “AquaClass” staterooms have also been introduced onboard Millennium, giving holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy spacious and private veranda; there’s also exclusive and complimentary access to speciality restaurant Blu for those enjoying AquaClass, along with complimentary access to the Persian Garden and Relaxation Room in the AquaSpa and a personal spa concierge to book exotic spa treatments.  The AquaClass upgrade welcomes an abundance of new and exuberant in-room facilities too.

Holidayers can also look forward to:

  • The Celebrity iLounge – Celebrity is the cruise industry’s first authorised Apple reseller
  • The eXhale bedding program, in partnership with Reverie (also with 100% Egyptian Cotton bed linen)
  • Fine whiskies, cognac, bourboons and scotches in the ‘Michael’s Club’ bar, now complimented with craft beers
  • A new and vibrant Creperie
  • A brand new and inviting Cafe
  • A wine bar with a state-of-the-art serving system
  • and plenty more too!

Qsine: quirky cuisine and iPad menus:

One of the most exciting and fun features onboard the new Millenium ships is the quirky Qsine restaurant.  This new restaurant promises to take holidaymakers on a culinary journey filled with surprise and delight.   Peruse the interactive menu on an iPad before enjoying the unexpected twists on familiar favourites from the menu.  Think popcorn shrimp served in cinema-style boxes and more! Qsine is a fun way to indulge your inner foodie.

Celebrity Millennium’s new itineraries:

When Millennium returns to Australia this November it will sail its first ever Asia season.  Two one-way positioning cruises from Hawaii to Sydney and Sydney to Singapore are also on the horizon.

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