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If you’re planning a cruise for the latter half of 2012 we have some amazing ‘hot offers’ that you may wish to take advantage of!  These are two deals that caught our attention:

Fancy visiting Asia’s exotic coastal cities?

Set sail for Asia on Legend of the Seas, a ship that forms part of Royal Caribbean’s “vision class” fleet.

Why not tour the China and the Isles of Japan?  You’ll start off at Xiamen, a southeastern city in China.  From there, you’ll cruise to Kagoshima, a city of palm trees, wide avenues and mild-tempered weather.  This is a city steeped in history with plenty of locations to visit: enjoy the ruins of Tsurumaru Castle or face the active volcano Sakurajima.  The cruise will then head up to Beppu where travellers should visit the stunning hot springs.  Ensure you  visit Jigoku, which is known as the “ten hells”.  These are multicoloured volcanic pits of boiling water and mud, plus one large bursting geyser.   There’s also a sex museum, which curiously, is missing from the official maps provided from the local tourism agency!

After spending the day in Beppu, you’ll spend a further day cruising before visiting the exuberant Chinese city of Shanghai, which is known as the ultimate playground for technology lovers.  Enjoy the city’s skyline of skyscrapers and glistening shopping malls, or visit Old Shanghai and revel in the temples, street markets and classical Chinese gardens. This 5 night tour costs from A$496.

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How about relaxing tour of the idyllic South Pacific?

Explore the beautiful South Pacific on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas ship.  Start off by visiting the sophisticated city of Sydney before spending two days cruising over to the Isle of Pines, which promises blue lagoons and white sands, which is how it earned its nickname “The closest island to paradise.”  Rhapsody then sails on to Vila, one of the 83 islands which make up the archipelago of Vanuatu.  Enjoy earthy beauty, tribal traditions, azure lagoons and spectacular waterfalls.

Next, the ship visits Mystery Island, a jewel of the South Pacific that is completely inhabited.  Enjoy the peace and quiet as you sit underneath a palm tree on the untouched white beach.  From here, the cruise sails to Noumea for Christmas Eve.  Spend this holiday visiting the world’s largest lagoon and the world’s second largest coral reef.  As this island is part French, you will enjoy fabulous cuisine, haute couture shopping and delicious wine.  Perfect!

After cruising for a further three days, the boat lands back at Sydney on the 28th of December, just in time for you to decide where to spend New Years Eve.  This 10 night tour starts from A$1,444.

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