Travel Insurance: To buy or not to buy? Part 2


In part one of our travel insurance special, we gave you a few reasons as to why you may need to buy travel insurance for your cruise holiday.

In the second part of our series, we are presenting you with five additional reasons:

Missed Connection / Trip Delay

Before you even get to your cruise there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.  You get half way to the airport and you realise you’ve left your passport on the side?  You organise a taxi to get to the airport but it breaks down and you miss your flight?  Or maybe due to strike action your connecting flights are delayed and you miss the boat, literally!  Travel insurance will cover all of these eventualities and ensure that you meet your cruise at its first available point.

Baggage delay or loss

One of the great things of cruising is the opportunity to dress up, wear that brand new swimming costume and generally feel that bit special.  However, if your luggage ends up in New York and you are departing from Miami, that could be a little difficult!  Depending on the policy, either your bags will be sent to your next docking port, or if permanently lost, replacement of items up to a designated limit.

Medical Expenses

Just because you are on holiday unfortunately doesn’t mean that you won’t get sick.  Whilst the sea air, good food and relaxation will be of obvious benefit to your health, if you’ve picked something up before you left, or if you unfortunately slip on deck and break your ankle, then you’ll need treatment and you may be a fair way from the nearest hospital!  If you get correct cover, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best treatment, as quickly as possible.  Some policies may require that you pay up front for doctors or hospital treatment, but at least you can be assured that the money will be reimbursed.

Emergency evacuation / repatriation

Along with the above goes this element of the travel policy.  You may spend a considerable time quite a distance from the nearest and unfortunately heart attacks, strokes, falls and breaks don’t always come at a convenient time.  If you need medical attention that is beyond the care available at the ship sick bay, the only option may be to medevac you to the nearest port.  Helicopters don’t come cheap and you don’t want to be worrying about this at these times.

Involuntary job loss / Redundancy

With the current financial climate, not many people can say that they are in a secure job.  In the 12 or so months between booking and departure a lot of things can change.  It might be you or someone else in your party who suddenly find that they just can’t afford the luxury of a holiday any more due to redundancy.  It might not just affect them – if you are in a double cabin, you may well have to find either someone else to come with you, or the premium for single occupancy.  Check the terms of your policy – cover for this is sometimes this is included or available as an additional option.

For many travellers, they may take the attitude of ‘the odds of it happening to me are slim’ and the additional cost of travel insurance may just be one too many extras.   However, it is because of the cost of that special trip that travel insurance is absolutely essential.  Your cruise is a big investment and you are well advised to protect it.

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