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With Cruise1st travel you can expect to be treated like a VIP. On the seas, coasting to the next port of call you will have time to explore the amazing facilities in luxurious surroundings. The architecture and design of restaurants, ballrooms, entertainments areas and outside facilities is impressive.

Whichever ship you have the opportunity to travel on, the décor will make an unforgettable impact on you. Some ships embrace a particular theme that runs throughout the cabins, public spaces inside and out and you can encounter magnificent works of art on board your holiday afloat. As you will be spending a large amount of time in these surroundings it is worthwhile browsing through any photographs of the vessel on which you intend to have your cruise so that the décor meets your expectations. There is a great variety from sedate and traditional to wildly imaginative and spectacularly glamorous.

Art Deco to Disney

Some vessels endeavour to emulate the experience of land-based giants and opt to fit out their interiors with themed décor. Glitz and glamour of Hollywood or Las Vegas, the mystery and vibrance of the orient, exotic Tropicana or mythical kingdoms might dominate the space. No expense is spared. Colours, lighting, architectural features to draw attention and make you gasp at their splendid construction are meant to be a feast for the eye.

Understated elegance and sophistication like the Orient Express may be to your taste whereas another passenger might seek the excitement and drama of the Moulin Rouge. Whatever you prefer, the décor will be opulent, maximise the space and make you feel thoroughly feted.

Extravagant sweeping stairs to atriums with huge chandeliers, mirrors to reflect the rich interiors with detailed mouldings are inspirational. You can enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous and appreciate that every detail has been given attention so you can benefit from the superior craftsmanship and sumptuous fabrics.

Magic Kingdoms

Don’t forget to pack some formal wear so you can fit in with the surroundings and become part of the magic. Whatever types of interiors are presented on the cruise ship you can be sure there will be a spot that will take you to a place with that special enchantment. Imagine dancing under the stars – indoors. It’s all possible when a glass dome vaults the ceiling allowing starlight to sparkle on the occasion.

There is always a choice of entertainment on board in several venues with different types of music and shows. From cabaret and big bands to world class magicians and comedians, you will be offered the sort of shows usually only found on Broadway, the West End or major theatrical venues around the world with some of the lavish productions on board. Exclusive appearances offer opportunity to take in entertainment you couldn’t even book tickets for on land.

The interior design of cruise ships is deliberately meant to take you away from the everyday and to complement the experience of getting away from it all. Enjoy the fantasy as your reality.

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