Royal Caribbean announces new shows for its next ship


Cruise line Royal Caribbean has announced a raft of new shows for its highly anticipated new ship, Quantum of the Seas. Debuting out of the U.S. in November, passengers on the 4,180 capacity vessel will be treated to a range of entertainment, from the hi-tech to the more traditional Broadway-style show and tribute acts.

Innovative Entertainment

Quantum of the Seas’ ambitious Two70° area, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, best shows off the ship’s futuristic intentions. During performances, the windows themselves become a projection screen, 20 feet tall and 100 feet wide, allowing digital shows to be broadcast in 12k resolution. Royal Caribbean claim this to be an industry first.

Although Bon Jovi won’t be performing on the ship, unless you count the tribute band, some very special stage props from their Circle tour will be a mainstay in Two70°. The 7-foot Roboscreens, set on robotic arms, will show images as they twist and dance in choreographed sets.

Amongst all the technical wizardry, the human touch will also be present in the form of live music, dancers, and other performers.

Live Theatre

The ship’s Royal Theatre, which can house 1,300, will present its own dedicated shows, which again range from the wonderfully traditional to the refreshingly modern. Featuring a nine-piece orchestra, various singers, dancers, and circus performers, and of course his famous Earth Harp, William Close’s Sonic Odyssey promises to bring a spectacular musical journey to the cruise.

Those looking for something a little more light-hearted can kick back and watch the Abba-inspired Broadway musical, Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Live Music

Another venue for live performances, the Music Hall is the place to see the tribute bands that no cruise can do without. Expect to see the usual cast of lookalikes and sound-a-likes to the aforementioned Bon Jovi, The Beatles, and The Bee Gees.

The Music Hall will host other events too, from an after show Mamma Mia! Party to late night, to adult only shows.

The Final Word

The good news is, all of this is included in the price of the cruise. While rival Carnival Cruises recently began charging for certain shows, Royal Caribbean is yet to take that step. They aren’t ruling it out for the future, however. On the prospect of charging for premium entertainment, their Vice President of Entertainment, Nick Weir has said “it’s in discussion. All the cruise lines are discussing it.”

On Quantum of the Seas’ entertainment options, he went on to say that the ship will “embrace technology to a whole new level”.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Royal Carribean’s Executive Vice President, Operations, took it a step further, saying that “the level of ingenuity, creativity and sheer imagination that has gone into the creation of the entertainment onboard Quantum of the Seas is staggering”.


Image sourced via Royal Caribbiean Cruises Press Center. Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises.

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