Queen Mary 2 recreates history in New York


Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 ship sailed into New York harbour last Saturday, recreating history.

On the 2nd of June 2013, the ship arrived into New York harbour. This voyage recreated history and marked the 77th anniversary of the original Queen Mary ship’s maiden call to the harbour back in 1936.


Speaking about the momentous occasion, Cunard Line President Peter Shanks said:

“During her nearly 10 years in service, Queen Mary 2 has proudly continued the transatlantic legacy of elegance and glamour that Queen Mary so beautifully exemplified during her long reign of service,”

“On this special anniversary, we are also pleased to continue to call New York our US homeport, a city which has embraced our ships throughout the decades and played a prominent role in many Cunard milestones.”

The original Queen Mary embarked upon her maiden voyage back in May 1936. The ship sailed from Southampton on 27th May, leaving to the sounds of bands and ecstatic crowds cheering. She arrived in New York to raucous fanfare.  Onboard were a number of notable people working for the line, including bandleader Henry Hall and singer Frances Day.  Cunard revealed an interesting tidbit from this voyage:  Miss Day did not trust the ship’s eggs to be fresh by the end of the journey across the Atlantic, so she took along her own chickens!

77 years on, Queen Mary 2 recreated the journey, leaving Southampton for New York.  The ship also carried notable speakers and legendary entertainment, including presentations from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  One aspect of the maiden journey was not re-created though: the ship did not carry any chickens this time.  However, there were 45,000 of eggs onboard – and the company assures us they were all fresh!

The Wall Street Journal provided some information about the prices for the two voyages, for comparison:

Queen Mary:

Lead-in fare: GBP18 10 shillings (Third Class Cabin)
Highest Fare: GBP102 (Main Deck Suite)

Queen Mary 2:

Lead-in fare: GBP1,199 (Inside Britannia cabin)
Highest Fare: GBP9,016 (Balmoral Duplex Suite)

Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic over 1,000 times in her 31-year career, before her retirement in 1967.

Queen Mary 2 was ordered in 2000 and launched 10 years ago, back in 2003.  She made her maiden voyage in January 2004.  July 6th this year will mark the ship’s 200th voyage across the Atlantic.

About Queen Mary 2:

Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship vessel.  The company claim she’s the most magnificent ocean liner ever built.  She offers vast onboard space, state of the art facilities (including a 3D Cinema, planetarium and spa).

The ship was christened by Queen Elizabeth II at a naming ceremony on 8th January 2004.  Queen Elizabeth II is the ship’s official godmother.

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