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Today’s post comes courtesy of a friend who shares her personal experience of cruising with us.   We’ll learn why she’s just said YES to taking her cruise after so many years of saying NO!  

For years my mother has been nagging at me to try cruising as a holiday and so far I have resisted.  I have spent a good portion of my life telling her “no, not this year – maybe next time?”  Until now:  I embark upon my first cruise later this year!

So, why did I change my mind?

I know little about cruising and up until recently my concerns overshadowed the potential benefits.  That was until I carried out a little research.

I’m sharing this with you today in the hope that the information will change others’ minds too!  If your relative, loved one or friend is refusing to go on a cruise with you, make sure you forward this post to them!

1) There’s no need to worry about seasickness:

My first (and biggest) concern was seasickness.  I remember one holiday on the Norfolk Broads on a pleasure cruiser. Everyone said I was exaggerating when I said I would be nauseous. They were convinced when I turned a funny shade of green towards the end of the first day. I was terribly dizzy and felt queasy. What I was encouraged to learn about cruising is that on cruise ships they have stabilizing technology, which means the ship does not roll about so much.  This was good news for me!  In addition, there is medication you can take to help with nausea, and cruise ships have a very good doctor in the ship’s infirmary on board to help should you succumb to seasickness.

2) You won’t be bored aboard:

My second concern involved being a ‘captive audience’ on a cruise ship, and the idea that I can’t get off when I choose.  This was totally the wrong thing to be worried about, as when I was shown the entertainment programme I realised there was no chance of having nothing to do, rather the contrary – there are plenty of activities to enjoy, both on board ship and on shore!  After reading the week’s itinerary I realised I would be spoilt for choice for things to do!  You can visit the on-board cinema, take a course (such as computing) and even watch and participate in a show!

And there’s more… There are lots of dinners and dances, discos and plenty of  dining experiences to try, from bistros and restaurants to cafes.  You can also dine in your cabin and relax in front of the television should you so wish. In addition, there are retail outlets to visit and shop at (duty free I may add) all aboard the ship.  Having your hair done, visiting the beautician and even going to the gym is still possible whilst cruising because all these facilities are to be found aboard.

All of a sudden this cruising holiday is looking like it’s going to be one of the best holidays of my life!

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