Oasis of the Seas – an Environmentally Friendly Cruise Ship


The Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International’s, super-size cruise ship might be accused of excess. Laid on its side it would match the length of the Eiffel Tower, its width is larger than an aircraft’s wingspan and with all the ‘neighbourhoods’ on board it is almost a city in its own right.  However, in building such a huge ship, great care has been taken to make sure it is as green as can be.

Other operators will have taken note and applied the technological innovations to improve their own fleet.

Despite its size the world’s most environmentally-friendly cruise ship, reuses all its water and discharges no sewage into the sea. There have been several commentators who say that cruise ships offer little to the communities where they make ports of call except leaving waste behind. Yet, if you talk to passengers who take advantage of these stops, they say they do immerse themselves into the experiences offered on shore.

The number of passengers carried by this almighty vessel can reach 6,360 passengers. Even if only a modest percentage of these travellers eat on shore, make purchases for souvenirs or utilise services provided by the local community, the figures have potential to benefit vendors, restaurateurs and local craftspeople. It is trade these places would not otherwise have had.

If cruise ships can make a positive contribution to local communities without leaving unwelcome waste in their waters – it’s got to be good for everyone. It also gives peace of mind to those travellers who have concerns about the impact their appearance will make. Carbon footprints concern many people and thoughtful tourists who do not want to damage an environment or bring difficulties to a local economy will be pleased with the revelation that big can be green.

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