Travelling in Luxury


Instead of a Yacht

If you have ambition, or a secret dream to sail the seas but don’t know what to do with a boat, would only have time once or twice a year to use it and resent the mooring fees anyway, a luxury cruise could bring you the same enjoyment with even greater luxury cruises.

When you go for full blown, ostentatious luxury on board a cruise you can occupy suites that rival the best hotels in the world. Even on the smallest cruise ships, superior accommodation guarantees a private balcony in well-appointed, spacious rooms with concierge service. On larger vessels you could occupy two storeys and spend your time exclusively in your suite if all you wanted to do was enjoy the ocean.

But there is so much more on offer. Food prepared by Michelin starred chefs, entertainment from West End and Broadway performers, exquisite décor and the chance to participate in a variety of physical activities or take your chances in the casino once night falls. You can choose to make your cruise a spa retreat or an adventure with exciting places to visit and a full menu of delightful diversions to make the most of your trip.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Travel the world and the seven seas on any of the vessels in the fleets of the companies Cruise1st recommends and you’ll want to come back for more. For a special anniversary or to mark a distinctive occasion, a luxury cruise will give you time to enjoy superior hospitality from professionals with the expertise to deliver service of the highest standard.

We know that money can make a difference and we make sure you can see it in the extra attention to detail afforded to top drawer clientele. At night, when it’s time to lay your head on the pillow, only the best quality bedding is used to ensure an excellent night’s sleep. Egyptian cotton bed linen, cool and soft to the touch will envelop you in luxurious comfort. After all, when you waken in the morning you’ll have lots of decisions to make – fun decisions about what to do without a care in the world. Your every need is catered for.

Should you dine in your cabin today or see what’s on offer in one of the restaurants? Perhaps you want a little private time and just want to watch TV in your suite until its time to take a dip in the pool.

Superior Service and Champagne Style

Top class clients will appreciate the passenger precedence services to make passage to and from the ship as smooth as possible. Priority check-in and departure speed things along so you can enjoy every minute without any time wasted. A complimentary luggage valet service takes all the hassle out of your travel arrangements.

Can you see how a cruise might provide a viable alternative to a yacht now? Hmm . . . makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

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