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Onboard the all-new Celebrity Reflection, the fifth soon-to-be-launched ship in the Solstice Class, there has been some fab changes in the ship’s traditional onboard card room making the area more fun and sociable, for all to enjoy.

Customarily the card room has been an area with board games, cards and tables for guests to gather and enjoy some quiet time.

The room has now been renamed ‘Game On’ and has been given a makeover, giving the room a distinctive and elegant look: an old meets new theme, with an interesting collection of clocks from round the world adorning the wall.

In addition to the conventional card tables in the room, Celebrity have provided an interactive gaming area. Guests can play digital games with up to 3 friends on the 32-inch touchscreen tables. The six new tables offer custom-designed games that are proven to exercise the little grey matter. Guests can challenge themselves or the others at the table to a competition. Some games will also interact with the other tables for larger groups.

Some of the games available include:-

Bumpers : A digital version of marbles – push a dot across the table, bumping your challengers out of the way, but make sure you don’t fall into the void

Snag ‘Em : The aim of the game is to match up as many 3 of a kinds as possible before the buzzer goes. Extra points from bonus cards simply add to the panic.

Checkers : Draughts, checkers whatever you call it this world wide game crosses any language barriers. The digital version has frogs instead of ‘men’ and the challenge is to make a frog prince.

Team Draw : Challenge your opponents to identify and interpret your artistic offering. Who knows you might discover your inner Picasso!

Word Power : Definitely one for the little grey cells, expand your vocabulary solving a word search in this very addictive electronic version of a classic.

Memory : Recall patterns, layouts and shapes – the speed of this game increases the challenge as you get a quick snapshot of the grid and then have to reproduce the pattern in the squares.

Think Faster : Race against the clock, draw on all your reactions to match the symbols to the one before. Make sure you keep your mind on the job!

Moving Puzzle : Dissect the video, the display will switch them all around and the challenge will be to put them back together. A fast moving, brain twister of a game.

The ‘Game on’ room will be provided free of charge on Celebrity Reflection and all guests are welcome to give it a try.

Celebrity Reflection will be launching shortly.  Celebrity Cruises have gone all out to provide luxurious suites with fantastic Reverie bedding, and their stunning all-round glass shower is an industry first.

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