Loyalty Programs and Collecting Points on Cruises


Okay – if you fly a lot you can collect and redeem rewards through frequent flyer points systems. Many of the airlines and credit cards operate in such a way you can really ramp up the value of your collected points as they are often transferable. So – is there an equivalent for canny cruisers?

It seems there is. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and NCL compete with each other and promise bigger and better than each other. Earlier this month Norwegian Cruise Line said they intend to change the way their customers manage to accrue points in their Latitudes loyalty program. Good news for travellers then as it looks like they’re going to offer higher, more feature-rich tiers. The upshot is that points are now awarded based on the length of the cruise, with additional points for passengers booking suites and even advance booking.

Question: Do the flights you take to join your cruise count towards frequent flyer type rewards? Answers on a postcard please.

Loyalty programs are worth signing up to. Benefits include onboard amenities and special offers that can save time and money for cruise passengers. All programs allow travellers to experience benefits immediately so you don’t have to wait to see the positive results of your signature on a dotted line. We all like to be treated as someone special and there’s nothing wrong with a free drink. Some give significant benefits after only five cruises.

Like many things we sign up to in order to save a penny or get a bargain, you have to manage your own account. This is essential and you must make sure you are credited for every cruise you take. With your paperwork up to date – and make sure you take advantage of any special offers through surveys, newsletter deals and suchlike — the better programs have representatives onboard to help you attain and manage your rewards.

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