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Ever returned home from your holidays and wished you knew how to edit your cruise photos and turn them into a slideshow?  Or, have you wondered how to email your pics to family and friends?  Perhaps you’d like to get the videos off your mobile phone and turn them into a movie?


Well, then you may be pleased to hear that you can learn to do this (and more!) with Holland America Line’s Microsoft Windows Enrichment Programmes.

The workshops have been so popular that the team have just expanded the curriculum to include two more programmes.  The company now have an inventory of twelve 50-minute workshops, which include:

  1. “Camera Basics” teaches guests the best ways to use their digital cameras.
  2.  “Transferring Photos” demonstrates how to easily get pictures from a camera to a PC with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  3. “Introductory Photo Editing” illustrates how to improve the look and feel of photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  4.  “Creative Photo Editing” shows how to apply artistic touches to pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  5. “Making Movies” lets guests create slide shows and videos with Windows Live Movie Maker.
  6.  “Photo Sharing” covers how to email and store pictures to share with others using Windows Live Mail.
  7.  “Stay Connected” shows how to keep in touch with friends and family using Windows Live Messenger.
  8. “Windows 7” provides an inside look at Microsoft’s newest PC operating system.
  9. “PC Buying” helps guests discover the right Windows 7 PC for varying lifestyles and budgets.
  10.  “PC Security” explains how to protect information with the safety features of a Windows 7PC.

The two newest sessions that have been developed are “Files, Folders and Sharing” and “Introduction to the Cloud”.  These two new sessions will teach you how to manage the contents of the computer and share files with web applications.

The sessions are available all through the day and there’s even one-on-one coaching called “Techspert Time” that can be booked by guests who have questions that need answering.

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