Keeping in Touch While You’re Away


On December 12th Royal Caribbean announced their new marketing slogan will be “The Sea Is Calling. Answer It Royally”.  It makes you think about answering calls and therefore making calls too. Although most people enjoy as cruise to get away from it all, sometimes though, you might need to keep in touch with friends and family back at home just to check everything is okay.

So, how do you keep in touch?

Cell phones, or mobiles, are terrific when you are close to ports of call, but watch out once you get out to sea and into international waters. Even if you have set your phone on international roamer you probably won’t get a signal. Most phone companies require customers to arrange this ahead of time, so if you think you might need to call home, get the plan put in place. Your phone company will treat it as an international call and charge you their rates. It will still be much cheaper than using the telephone supplied in your room.

Give them the start and end dates of your cruise so that you have access to using this feature while at sea. It’s like tapping into other satellites instead of your own, so you pay extra – a surprise you might not be prepared for when your bill comes through.

If you haven’t had the chance to make such an arrangement, you can always avail of the ship’s satellite link, but this can be costly. Some older ships might not have this facility, so check before you depart. You don’t want to be charged royally if you can avoid it.

An alternative is of course to make use of computers and email any messages, which can be free or only cost a minimal charge for the time spent on the computer.

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