Ji Ji Asian Kitchen will get taste buds racing onboard Carnival Sunshine


If you’d like to use your time away to experience a range of new tastes, you’ll be excited to hear that Carnival Sunshine has expanded its range of food options with the inclusion of Ji Ji Asian Kitchen.

This new restaurant will serve up some of the finest foods from Asia and is set to debut on Carnival Sunshine on 5th May. Ji Ji Asian Kitchen will be situated on Lido Deck.

Chinese is a popular choice of food for many people, and from looking through its exciting menu, Ji Ji Asian Kitchen looks set to meet the highest expectations. The menu takes inspiration from different parts of Asia, such as China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. As such, even if you are an experienced Asian food-lover, there is every chance that you’ll find a dish that’s new even to you!

Amazing menus:

For instance, in terms of appetizers, there are seven different types on the menu. From delicious Nanjing-style duck to slow-braised pork belly, and including different soups to sample, like Chicken and Cilantro Root, there is an excellent range of appetizers to choose from. In addition, to help guide diners through the menu, there is a number next to a dish indicating which precise region it is from. So, if you want to stick to Vietnamese cuisine all evening, it’s easily done; or alternatively you can take a culinary tour of the entire Asian region!

The entrees look just as appetising as the appetizers! The restaurant offers peppered beef, Singapore Chili Shrimp and the classic Kung Pao Chicken, plus four more mouth-watering dishes! Diners can choose from a range of side dishes to accompany their meals, from simple noodles and rice to something more exotic, such as eggplant cooked in oyster sauce. And for those with a sweet tooth, (and if you have any room to fit more food in!), there are a range of desserts to cap off your meal. Furthermore, diners can sample some Asian beverages to make their experience even more authentic.

Another reason why this restaurant is set to be very popular is that the décor is as spectacular as the food. Tables are set within a stylishly designed dining room, with hanging lights and interiors chosen to provide a sensation of warmth. You’ll also spot Chinese prayer rolls placed throughout the restaurant.

The inclusion of Ji Ji Asian Kitchen will increase the range of restaurant options onboard Carnival Sunshine. It will join the likes of Guy’s Burger Joint, Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse, the family-style Italian restaurant Cucina del Capitano and also Pizzeria del Capitano.


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