Hawaii – Aloha!


Featured in many films, and just as popular as the Bahamas or Bermuda, Hawaii has always conjured up fantasy images of an idyllic island dream. This small group of islands is a treat for the eyes even before you have stepped foot on its pristine sandy beaches. The skyline is filled with huge volcanic mountains, their verdant slopes adding to the lushness of the paradise.

Palm trees line the shores with swaying fronds inviting you to relax to their rhythm and watch spectacular sunsets with pink and gold tinged clouds rolling over the horizon. Emerald green expanses dominate the view and give Hawaii an apt title, ‘jewel of the ocean’ as it sits in sparkling sapphire ocean waters like a giant gemstone.

Cruising in Hawaii

Princess ships serve the island well, with their Golden Princess, Grand Princess, Sapphire Princess and Star Princess cruise ships offering trips to the destination. History, culture and tropical scenery make this island so very different from other US states. While on board, passengers are made to feel they are invited guests, not bookings. Exceptional attention is given to ensure the experience suits the personal needs and expectations of the guest. Princess promise to make each individual feel special and dedicated waiters to dining tables is one way of creating friendships on board. Indeed the staff make the cruise feel like you have been invited to a country house party with activities run to excite you and offer opportunities to do things you’ve never done before, meet new people and share the fun of your experience as well as allowing you time and space to relax and recover from your exertions with superior entertainment and dining.

Usually after a party or a theatre show, you would go home, but on board a Princess cruise ship, you have an opportunity to continue the thrill and chat to fellow theatre goers or party people about the quality of entertainment you have just experienced. You can make moments live longer in your complete escape where time is suspended in a state of enjoyment and opportunity.

Friendliness is key to a Princess cruise. If you want to do something and your travel partner wishes to do something else, you won’t feel alone as there will be plenty of other passengers you can get to know as you participate in a wine tasting, an art auction, a cookery class or a spa treatment. When you get back together with your partner, swap stories about your activity over refreshments on deck and plan your next thrill. If you’re short of ideas, ask – there will always be someone to help you.

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