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Mayor green lights project and has high hopes for even two or THREE cruise ship terminals!

At last, it looks like the cruise ship terminals on Wavebreak Island are going forward with full steam ahead. The Mayor, Tom Tate has assured everyone that cruising is definitely coming to the Gold Coast of Australia.


The team are hoping for around ten tenderers so that they get a good choice of options. The terminals at Wavebreak could take until around 2018 to complete, so an option has been put forward to build on The Spit just north of Sea World Nara, which would be a faster and cheaper option.
Despite the withdrawal of the Singaporean developer, Sembawang recently, the Mayor said the tender process was going ahead as agreed and hopefully the international tender documentation will be out by the end of the year.

Two Terminals?

In an interview with Cruise Weekly, Mayor Tate suggested that two terminals might be built: one would be used for megaliners and the other for ‘boutiqueships’.  Boutiqueships the more exclusive, small ships that are currently becoming very much in vogue.

One thing that Tate was sure of was that the terminals would be used for ships in transit, not for passenger turnarounds this would require a completely different sort of infrastructure. With under 70 km between them and Brisbane, there was little point in trying to compete with this established port.

Carnival Australia have already said that the Gold Coast would be a welcome addition to several of their itineraries from September 2015 onwards – particularly if the depth dredging was adequate.

Ann Sherry, CEO said “It’s still early days, but based on the assurances of the Mayor, we are considering the Gold Coast for both our local fleet and the international brands that visit this area each year”.

P&O cruise ships, Diamond Princess and Queen Mary 2 were being considered initially, and their operational details were being passed to the Gold Coast Council to help them ensure the adequate clearance in the Gold Coast channel was provided.

Cruisers love the coastline around the South Eastern area of Queensland and Brisbane is already a well established location for ships. Since the 1980’s though the Gold Coast has expanded into a major tourist destination and its’ sunny climate, beaches, surfing and the inland canals will prove very popular with future cruise ship guests when the new terminals are established.

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  1. A cruise ship terminal ….. a terrible thing this would be for the Broadwater !!

    The Southport Spit and Wavebreak Island are beautiful family friendly recreation areas on the Gold Coast. Building new concrete wharves, additional terminal buildings, roads and infrastructure would adversly affect the area.
    There would be reduculous exclusion zones imposed on boat traffic , restrictions on access to the Seaway and nearby Broadwater area during large vessel movements.
    Untreated ballast water is an environmental risk to the area where undesireable marine organisms may be released into our water .

    Mayor Tom Tate needs to pull his head in and listen to the people who use this area. The Brisbane Portside terminal is an hour away by bus in excellent roads. We do not need another terminal so close. A very short distance for day trippers on ship excursuons.

    Please dont damage our Spit and treasured Wavebreak Island.

    Regards Greg Gifford

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