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Last week, Orion cruises revealed that there are still a number of limited spaces remaining for those who wish to join like-minded travellers and embark upon an adventure of the aptly titled Land of Ice and Fire: an exciting tour of Russia that promises vodka, volcanoes, and brown bears!

On this tour, you will discover places that were off-limits to the West until recently. Before now, only brave, experienced travellers dared to venture to such places. Thankfully, this trip does not involve hours of trekking in sub-zero temperatures or camping in uncomfortable conditions. You can enjoy rugged locations, all untouched by tourism, from the comfort and security of your cruise ship.

The tour promises you extraordinary experiences that will be etched into your mind forever: steaming hot thermal vents in the Valley of the Geysers, Soviet air bases, bird colonies, seal rookeries, wild bears hunting for salmon, snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes and traditional onion-dome churches! Wow, this trip really does sound spectacular!

The following quote comes from a log of the Orion II voyage to Russia; it gives you an idea of what to expect on one of the excursions:

“We soon discovered that two Russian fishermen had a nearby camp. Before we divided into groups for a longer uphill hike and a leisurely nature walk along the beach, many took the opportunity to visit the fishing camp. They found the Russians to be most hospitable.  One of them wore a Urup & Brat Chirpoy Sea of Okhotsk long sheathed knife on his belt and they both wore tall gumboots. On the island, we found fox tracks and saw Pacific swifts, white-tailed sea eagles, and white wagtails, and sharp-eyed Adrian spotted a Siberian ruby-throat.”

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