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A unique annual event incorporating light, music and fresh ideas; Vivid Sydney features many of the world’s most interesting creative minds. A free mesmeric public exhibition including lighting sculptures and installations, contemporary music and the illumination of the city’s iconic architecture including the famous sails of the Opera House.

Enjoy the event in luxurious fashion aboard one of the cruise liners that pass the city daily.

P&O Food & Wine

The Food & Wine cruise aboard P&O’s Pacific Jewel is a three-day cruise starting and ending in Sydney, giving passengers the chance to taste some of the world’s finest culinary and vino experiences. As the world’s fourth largest exporter of wine, there is a wide range of Australian wines as well as vintages from every corner of the globe. Whether you are a redhead, worshipper of white or rosé royalty, there will be the vintage to delight your taste buds aboard the Pacific Jewel.

The two days in Sydney perfectly bookend this short relaxing trip away, allowing you the opportunity to take in the culture of this vibrant city.

Sydney by Mike Brand

Pacific Island Tour

The Pacific Islands from Sydney tour aboard the Carnival Australia explores some of the world’s most beautiful and picturesque islands. Take in the remote, peaceful beauty of destinations such as Isle of Pines, Mare, Noumea and more in between Sydney excursions. Experience both sides of Australasia: the peaceful tranquillity of the Pacific islands and the cultured excitement of Sydney.

Returning to the city as the new day breaks, a full day of Vivid Sydney awaits you. Experience the grandeur of the Sydney Opera House as the cruise pulls in or be blown away by the power of the legendary rock band Pixies.

Pixies by Constanza.CH

The World Tour

Vivid Sydney is the perfect way to end a world tour. There are a number of cruises that sail from Southampton to Sydney, with excursions in every corner of the globe before climaxing in Sydney. At the end of a mammoth tour, simply going home can be somewhat anticlimactic, so a final swansong can be incredibly fitting.

With artists and professionals moving en masse to the city to partake in Vivid Sydney, the experience can be a superb conclusion to a trip taking in some many cultures and climates.

Sydney by Kazuhisa Togo

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Mike Brand, Kazuhisa Togo and Constanza. CH


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