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Tired of the doldrums of winter? Keen to feel the kiss of the sun on your cheek? While we don’t suffer unpleasantly cold winters down under, the prospect of warm weather is sure to be a big draw for sun-strapped families and couples in need of a little alone time.

If you’re hankering after mid-winter heat, a cruise can ferry you to warmer climes in no time. Whether you choose northern Australia, Southeast Asia or somewhere further afield; there are lots of winter sun destinations to escape to as part of a last minute winter cruise holiday.

Here, we look at some of the hottest places you can cruise to for some much-needed winter sunshine.

Darwin and the Australian Top End

Darwin Australia — Winter Sun

Live in southern Australia or New Zealand, and you’ll be hard-pressed to believe some of the temperatures recorded in Australia’s top-end during the winter months. Compared to Sydney’s paltry 12°C average day temperatures, Darwin basks in +30°C heat and enjoys near wall-to-wall sunshine — making it the ideal destination for those looking to top up their diminished winter tan.

If you’ve never considered a cruise trip to Darwin and other destinations on the sun-baked north coast, winter is a great time to sneak away for a low cost slice of winter sun. Cruise lines tend to lower their prices on Australian cruises at this time of year to encourage bookings during the off-peak winter period — giving you plenty of opportunities to seal a great deal.

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Thailand and Indonesia

Thailand — Winter Sun

If you miss the stickiness of summer, book a cruise to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand and Indonesia. With night-time temperatures regularly topping 25°C in this exotic corner of Asia, don’t make the mistake of packing a jacket. In contrast to the dry, searing heat of northern Oz, the climate in Thailand and Indonesia is decidedly muggier — so expect buckets of humidity from the moment your ship sails into the emerald waters north of the equator.

While the heat of Southeast Asia couldn’t be further removed from the wintry chill of southern Australia, the two destinations aren’t actually that far apart — making a last minute Asian cruise completely doable on a small timeframe. Cruises to Thailand and Indonesia depart regularly throughout the Australian winter, as cruise lines look to capitalise on the glut of travellers itching for an exotic escape from the uninspiring weather.

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Samoa, Tuvalu, and the Solomon Islands


If one word could encapsulate the climate of the South Pacific Islands, it would be tropical — and we mean year-round, 365-days-a-year tropical. This string of isolated isles entombed in the mighty Pacific Ocean beckon millions of visitors each year thanks to their serene beaches, turquoise swells, and cloudless skies — and they happen to be at their best during the winter months of June, July, and August.

Why? During the summer months, the South Pacific conjures huge storm systems that give the Pacific Isles a good soaking; meaning sun-worshippers are always at risk from freak downpours. In winter, however, the climate of the South Pacific Isles is mercifully more predictable, so you’re almost guaranteed hours of invigorating sunshine.

For the very best of winter sun in the South Pacific, we’d recommend booking a cruise which visits the islands of Samoa, Tuvalu, and the Solomon Islands. Being the most northerly isles in the archipelago, these countries lie closer to the equator, and we all know what that means — sun, sun, and more sun.

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The Mediterranean


If you’ve got time and money to invest in a once-in-a-lifetime winter cruise getaway, opt for a trip to the sun-kissed Mediterranean. With its blissful beaches, cultural wonders and, most importantly, its balmy summer temperatures, this is by and large the best place to cruise if you’re fed up with facing the chilly climes of winter down under.

As you’d expect during the northern summer, the Mediterranean hosts hundreds of wonderful cruise itineraries at this time of year, when warm weather is all but guaranteed. Take your pick from the cream of the world’s best cruise lines and ships, and visit those destinations you’ve always wanted to visit — Rome, Barcelona and the French Riviera to name but a few.

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California and the West Coast of America


If you’ve been put off travelling to the Caribbean during the region’s hurricane season (which officially runs from June 1 to November 30), have you considered a cruise to California and the West Coast of America? With wonderful temperatures complementing the exquisite scenic backdrop, the US is certainly one of the more underappreciated winter sun hotspots out there.

Choose to cruise to California, and you’ll be given the opportunity to visit some of the USA’s most celebrated cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rub shoulders with the stars on Sunset Boulevard, lounge on the golden sands of Santa Monica or savour the coastal beauty of the Big Sur — what could be a better way to escape the humdrum weather of the Australian winter?

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