Around the World in Ninety-Four Days


A world trip is something many people dream of, but few manage to find the time and resources to complete. Our amazing 94-day cruise lets you visit many of the world’s most amazing countries, packing a lifetime of travel into a few spectacular months. Cities, jungles and European piazzas are all on the itinerary as an exclusive sampling platter of all that the world has to offer.

94-Day Around-the-World Cruise

Split into six smaller cruises, this trip offers you the amazing chance to explore Hawaii, America, Canada, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Greece, and Asia in one breath-taking trip. With various stopovers all over the world, you’ll have the chance to visit old favourites and discover new territories, creating a lifetime of memories in just one trip. If this sounds like an adventure you’d love to have, read on to discover some of the highlights that you will be able to enjoy on our luxurious round-the-world tour.

Hawaiian Islands

One of your best chances to experience the delights of the Hawaiian Islands will be on our two-day stopover on the beautiful island of Maui. Rich in history, beauty, wildlife and adventure, it will be hard to pick the best way to spend your time in this beautiful part of the world.

Maui Whale Watching

maui whale watching

Maui offers some of the best whale watching in the world, with Humpbacks wintering in the sheltered waters around the island. Various options are available if you want an expert guide to take you to the best whale watching spots, including charter boats and passenger rafts. The whales are drawn to the warm, shallow waters, making it much easier to spot them as they surface, play and spout air from their blowholes. At the height of whale season, taking a tour is not even necessary to see the whales, with plenty of beaches providing a good view even from the shore. A wonderful chance to see these beautiful endangered creatures.

Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline

flyin hawaiian zip line

Probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to Hawaii, but a zip line tour of Maui is actually an exhilarating way to see this island’s beautiful scenery. The course offers eight zipline experiences, with the final ride a thrilling 3,600 feet long. Flyin’ Hawaiian is so long that you begin in one town and end in a different one, having sailed speedily over the jungle and mountain terrain of this beautiful island. Whopping speeds of 55 miles per hour can be reached on the line, making it feel like you are flying over the West Maui Mountains and beyond.

Canada with Seattle Visit

Victoria, BC

vancouver bc totem poles

Exploring the amazing replicas of First Nations totem poles at the Royal BC Museum is an experience not to be missed on your visit to Victoria. Mostly carved by Gitxsan, Haida and Kwakwaka’wakw artists, these beautiful artefacts are a wonderful example of the skill of indigenous artisans in the region. Created as monuments to commemorate ancestry, histories, people, or events, the totem poles would have held pride of place in the community. Wealthy families, or those with an impressive lineage, would often have totem poles outside their houses carved with the family crest. Make sure you get a photograph of your favourite!

Seattle Flightseeing

seattle wa flightseeing

Seattle’s seaplanes are perfect if you’re after an unforgettable adventure. Flightseeing and island hopping are both great ways to see the city and its beautiful surroundings, whether you just want a tour of the sky or you’d rather set down and enjoy the nearby islands. You can even take a luxurious ‘dinner flight’, where you are flown to a popular restaurant on one of the islands around Seattle and then fly home. It’s not often you get to live the rock star lifestyle, but in Seattle, you can do just that!

American Coast to Coast

Las Vegas

las vegas boulevard south

Las Vegas is just as sunny, sparkling, and spectacular as you imagined it would be. Around every corner, there is the chance for drinking, dancing, gambling and eating, with plenty of iconic places for you to feast your eyes upon. Coming off the beaten track, however, Las Vegas has a few surprise cards up its sleeve. From the Neon Museum (a luminous history of famous signs) to luxury car racing tracks (ever fancied driving a Lamborghini?), it is worth exploring activities outside of the casino. If you want a few ideas, check out these amazing Las Vegas activities.

New York

new york city high line

Everyone knows the standard activities to do in New York, whether it be Times Square, the Empire State or visiting the Statue of Liberty. If you want something that’s a bit less touristy, but which still offers a great taste of what this amazing city has to offer, there are plenty of activities for everyone in NYC. The much talked about High Line is a good place to start, offering an oasis of calm in the city that never sleeps. Walk through the gardens or stretch out on one of the loungers – this really is the perfect place to see the beauty of New York without the crowds.

Scandinavia to the Mediterranean


reykjavik skyline

Reykjavik is home to many incredible experiences, and it isn’t hard to join in some activities that make you feel like a local. Even at -5 degrees, a soak in one of the public hot tubs is a must. But be prepared for the showers: stripping down completely is considered normal behaviour here! Another thing that must be done in Reykjavik is sampling the best hotdogs in Iceland from the Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand. It’s a well-loved snack in this part of the world, and a hot dog with remoulade, mustard, ketchup, and both crispy and raw onions is a real delight.


copenhagen cycling

The best way to see a city with over 390 kilometres of cycle lanes is undoubtedly by bike. Rent out a manual or electric bicycle and prepare to be stunned by the scenic beauty of this special city. Cycle around unique museums, such as the design museum which tells you more about chairs than you ever wanted to know, or simply pedal down to Amager Strandpark beach and relax. The pastel houses lining the harbour will have you feeling like you’re in a postcard, and a leisurely pedal is a perfect speed at which to spot a good café.

Italy and the Greek Islands


rome romantic street

Even if you did nothing more than stroll the streets, Rome is sure to surprise and delight you at every turn. For those who prefer a more planned itinerary, however, there is so much to do in this spectacular city. Visit the Galleria Borghese for a compact introduction to the Italian aesthetic, where antiques, Renaissance and Baroque art are housed in the most beautiful of 17th-century villas. Another activity that must be done, whether you are religious or not, is seeing the Pope. He’s usually around on both Sunday and Wednesday, so check with your hotel where you’re most likely to see him. You might not think it’s your cup of tea, but when in Rome…


athens agora ruins

When visiting Athens, it is essential to visit the ancient heart of public life: the marketplace of Agora. Among the excavated sites you’ll find temples, a concert hall and colonnades aplenty, along with a fascinating museum that documents the five millennia of settlement in this area. The Acropolis is similarly interesting: literally translated as ‘high city’, the Temple of Athena Nike, The Erechtheion, and the Pantheon can all be found here. It might seem cliché, but Athens really is an amazing opportunity to connect with the civilisations of the past.

Asian Explorer


singapore botanic gardens

Be aware that nothing really opens in Singapore until 11 am, so if you have an early arrival it can be a struggle to keep yourself entertained. One perfect activity for this situation is a visit to the Botanic Gardens, which are open from 5 am ‘til midnight and let you wander through a copse of virgin rainforest in the middle of the city. It is also home to the National Orchid Garden, where thousands of orchid species nod their heads in peaceful unison.

Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpur petronas twin towers

Any trip to Malaysia is incomplete without seeing the 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers, designed to symbolise Kuala Lumpur’s fusion of high-tech ambitions and cultural heritage. Climb up to the Skybridge and take in the spectacular views of the city, or enjoy some of the delicious food served by the Suria KLCC Mall food court. Less well known, but no less magical, is the park that surrounds the towers, perfect for a reclusive stroll on a balmy evening.


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