8 Things to See and Do in Tasmania During Spring


With its distinct seasons and unique microclimate, Tasmania is a favoured destination for those who enjoy more seasonal variation than the sizzling, wall-to-wall sunshine of the mainland. As winter, at last, gives way to spring, Tasmania is the perfect place to see the changing of the seasons — as long days and colourful blooms return to this beautiful island.

If you’re considering a visit to Tasmania as part of a spring cruise getaway, or are in need of further convincing, here we showcase 8 things to see and do in Tasmania during spring.

1. Discover Tasmania’s Tulip Fields

Tulips may be more symbolic of the Netherlands than Tasmania, but that doesn’t stop the locals celebrating the kaleidoscopic arrival of this beautiful, non-indigenous flower.

Throughout October, locals and tourists alike head to the rural reaches of Tasmania’s north-west coast to see the colourful tulip blooms, which light up the landscape as far as the eye can see. These flowers reach their peak towards the end of October, at which time they’re harvested for sale, so if you want to see them in full effect, make sure you plan your visit soon.

2. Take a Hike On Tasmania’s New Trails

During the quieter winter months, Tasmania’s national parks and public footpaths are transformed by the arrival of new trails and routes, which are planned and implemented by the island’s ‘trail fairies’ during the off-peak months of the year.

Whether you’re interested in hiking or cycling, spring is the perfect time to hit the trail in Tasmania. The south-west region of the island is particularly popular among outdoorsy types, with easy access to the beautiful Southwest National Park from such ports as Hobart, Port Arthur and Southport.

Once there, the Southwest National Park offers near-endless opportunities for scenic exploration. One of the most popular trails in recent years (particularly for families) has been the Creepy Crawly Nature Trail, but there are almost certain to be more routes introduced in the coming years.

things to do in tasmania

3. Explore Bruny Island

The enchanting sub-island of Bruny is a beautiful place to visit no matter what the time of year. However, it’s particularly stunning in spring, when the vivid sunrises and sunsets gift Bruny Island one of the best backdrops in Tasmania.

Separated from mainland Tasmania by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, this small island is but a stone’s throw from the capital of Hobart, making it a relatively easy place to visit during a cruise stopover. Spring is also breeding season for Tasmania’s marine life, and animals such as whales, dolphins and seals can be spotted almost daily from the shores of Bruny Island.

4. Take a Ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway

With life and colour returning to Tasmania’s woodlands after the long winter, the perfect way to take in this renewed vitality is with a trip aboard the magnificent West Coast Wilderness Railway.

Cutting a path through some of Tasmania’s most beautiful scenery, this charming stream train gives you the opportunity to ride through some of the island’s most esteemed pockets of natural beauty, including the Mount Dundas Regional Reserve. The railway stretches from Queenstown to Regatta Point, tracing the historic route once taken by the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company.

5. Pick Your Own at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

If you’re lucky enough to cruise into the port of Launceston or Devonport, take a taxi to the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. Located amid the beautiful landscapes of northern Tasmania, this delightful pick-your-own fruit farm is the perfect place to while away a sunny spring day, with countless scenic fruit fields to explore and a wonderful lakeside café from which to enjoy an organic, locally-sourced lunch.

Tasmania’s fruit farms spring to life at this special time of year, and the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm gives you the opportunity to sample the freshest fruits the island has to offer amid truly spectacular surroundings.

6. Visit the World-Renowned Tahune Airwalk

See a tapestry of natural spring colours from on high with a visit to the incredible Tahune Airwalk, easily one of Hobart’s best-loved day trip attractions. The Tanune Airwalk is essentially a raised walkway suspended high above the canopy of the Tahune rainforest, gifting visitors spectacular views of the forest as well as the neighbouring Huon river and valley.

things to do in tasmania

During a stopover in Tasmania, many cruise lines offer excursions to the Tahune Airwalk, it being one of the island’s most popular attractions. Whether you decide to book with your cruise line or go it alone, we’d recommend getting there early as the Airwalk can get very busy later in the day.

7. Enjoy a Tamar Valley Vineyard Tour

During the spring months, Tasmania’s countless vineyards come to life, and the wineries begin the process of nurturing their sapling vines. While spring isn’t perhaps the best time to visit a vineyard, with little in the way of harvesting going on, it can be great to see the fledgling grapes beginning to flourish. And of course, with innumerable cellar doors to explore across Tasmania, local wineries are always happy to share samples of a previous year’s vintage with you.

One of the best places to enjoy a vineyard tour in Tasmania is the world-renowned Tamar Valley, where much of the island’s wine is produced. Lots of vineyards in the valley offer tours and tastings, but our favourite is Josef Chromy Wines, which benefits from a luxury lakeside restaurant offering spectacular scenic views.

8. Visit the Extraordinary Wineglass Bay

With improving temperatures and longer, sunlit days, spring is one of the best times of year to visit Tasmania’s beaches without having to share the sand with lots of summer tourists.

Thankfully, for those visiting Tasmania as part of a cruise holiday, many of the island’s best beaches can be found within a short drive of the main cruise ports of the east coast — including Hobart.

Whether you plan to take a towel and do some spring sunbathing or just want to explore the coast on foot, one of the best beaches in Tasmania to visit in spring is Wineglass Bay. Often mobbed with tourists during the summer months, this elegant ribbon of soft white sand is a dream to visit during the off-peak months — providing peaceful sands and turquoise waters set against a truly inspiring natural backdrop.

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