Crystal Cruises publish details of their 2014 Annual World Cruise earlier than expected!


If you’re a fan of Crystal Cruises’, you’ll be happy to hear that they’ve released information about their 2014 World Cruise even earlier than before!

The luxury cruise line has recently released information of the 2014 World Cruise on Crystal Adventures online, a fantastic resource for holidaymakers. Using this resource, future passengers can scout out the cruise that’s just right for them far in advance and also find out information about the fantastic World Cruise. Cruise-lovers can browse the details of over 200 shore excursions included in the cruises on offer. Indeed, a company like Crystal Cruises has a wide range of holiday options to choose from and they offer you the chance to experience a holiday like you never have before. Holidaymakers can visit LA or London, navigate through the beautiful Pacific Islands or visit spectacular beauty spots throughout Asia and Africa. What’s more, sailing on 18 January 2014, Crystal Cruises’ Annual World Cruise starts its 89 day journey. This is a trip of a lifetime for anyone wanting a luxury holiday!

“So many of our World Cruisers are early planners, committing to the cruise months and years in advance.  2013 was a record-breaking year in that respect, and 2014 and 2015 are shaping up to be similar record-breakers…By allowing guests to explore, and pre-reserve, their shore options now, they can begin connecting with their World Cruise experience all the sooner, planning all the places they’ll visit, and growing more excited about their trip ahead with each adventure booked.”

— John Stoll , vice president of land and port operations.

About the World Cruise in 2014:

The World Cruise has a fantastic itinerary and a series of once-in-a-lifetime activities. So, passengers will be able to experience an amazing helicopter ride over Hawaii, Cape Town and Hong Kong. There is a chance to go on Safari in Africa and see if you spot some of the world’s rarest animals. In Kyoto, tourists can see the hidden world and culture of the Geisha, and explore the different cultures of India. There are numerous overnight stopovers in different countries, such as Cambodia and Vietnam. It’s not just the scenery that makes the World Cruise such a great experience. There are many hands-on activities that passengers can get involved in, such as making win near Cape Town and preparing traditional tea in Hong Kong. In Mauritius holidaymakers will be able to practise Creole cooking methods in Mauritius. The cruise will also visit the Pacific, to the spectacular locations of Tinian and Oahu and will include a lunch with the Captain of the USS Missouri, the famous World War Two Battleship!

More specifically, the World Cruise is divided into five different 12 to 22 day parts. It will visit a range of ports from California, Guam, Japan, to South Africa, Angola, Ghana and many more. Full World Cruises will receive some extra perks which will top off this amazing experience. These include a fun pre-cruise gala, souvenirs, first class air transport and special events arranged on the shore locations!

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